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Porto - The New Tourist Destination for TripAdvisor

Porto - The New Tourist Destination for TripAdvisor

March 06, 2014

TripAdvisor considered Porto the second New Emerging European Destination. Discover this stunning city and the reasons for this award with us!

Have you ever visited Porto city? The city that has passionate visitors from all over the world, received a new honor. The city of Douro and Port Wine won the second place of Top 10 European destinations on the rise, by the world travel site TripAdvisor. This site highlights the beauty, genuineness and unique charm of this city..

Follow the advice of TripAdvisor and do not miss the opportunity to visit one of the most charming cities in Europe and its marvel and stunning artistry.

Porto - The New Emerging European Destination

For the city of Porto, the world famous city of Douro River and Port Wine, it is not surprising receive another honorable mention. After countless awards over time, Porto has recently been considered one of the trendiest cities in Europe for the Portuguese magazine "Visão". And now is TripAdvisor that comes out.

The known world travel site considered Porto as the second Emerging European Destination. Porto is, now, in the short and selective list of cities named by TripAdvisor. Leading this majestic top 10 is the town of Corralejo, in Spain, but Porto stands out, ahead of cities like Oslo, Helsinki, Krakow, Riga or Zurich.

The reasons for this second place are simple: the unique and velvety Port Wine, the elegant banks of Douro River, the genuineness of Bolhão Market, the churches, cathedrals and gorgeous places like Lello bookstore.

Do not miss the opportunity to meet one of the trendiest cities in Europe and start to plan your trip! And for the most incredulous, we share some pictures of the beautiful city of Porto.

How Can I Visit Porto City?

Porto city has a lot to offer. Do not miss the opportunity to visit this beautiful city and travel now! Join our tours through the city of Porto or plan your trip:

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