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Porto voted as The Best European Destination 2012

Porto voted as The Best European Destination 2012

October 28, 2013

Congratulations Porto! The City of Porto has been chosen as the Best European Destination for 2012!

Out of 20 selected cities, the jury of the European Consumers Choicehas announced  Porto as ‘Best European Destination of 2012’.

The past three weeks, people could vote online on the website of ‘Best European Destination’. At the end, there were more 210.000 votes.

Vienna (Austria), Dubrovnik (Croatia), Prague (Czech Republic), Brussels (Belgium), Berlin (Germany), Budapest (Hungary), Lisbon, Florence (Italy) and Edinburgh (Scotland) are the other nine cities, who are identified as great destinations to visit in 2012.

The diversity of the offer, the authenticity and the history of the town of Porto have influenced the choice of the consumers. The delicious Port wine, the historical center which is classified by UNESCO as World Heritage, museums, parks and gardens and fashion shops who belong to great national and international designers, are one of the qualities of Porto. 

During this year, Porto will get the logo of the ‘Choice European Consumer Organization’ in every official announcement of tourism. 

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