The Telegraph and Forbes Surrendered to the Charming Porto.
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The Telegraph and Forbes Surrendered to the Charming Porto

The Telegraph and Forbes Surrendered to the Charming Porto

November 12, 2018

Porto was highlighted again! This incredible European destination, awarded with some of the most prestigious prizes every year, conquered the heart of the respected Forbes and the famed The Telegraph. We explain you why!

Welcome to Porto! The sexiest city of Portugal has recently seduced two of the most important business magazines in the entire world.

The American Forbes, one of the most relevant magazines in the United States, suggests travelling outside Lisbon to discover “one of the most colourful European cities”. And the prestigious English newspaper The Telegraph recommends a visit to this charming city, with a curious guide to follow.

Throughout this article we are going to show you some of the most important places revealed in both articles.


There is no such thing as the most famous place in Porto because all its lovely streets and corners have something to tell. Cedofeita, well known among the people from Porto, is very important in terms of traditional trade and here you can find almost everything. Besides, some people claim that it is exactly in Cedofeita where you eat the most delicious croissants.

Baixa (Downtown)

Night or day, it doesn't matter. Baixa do Porto is so cool that it makes easy for tourists and locals to choose where to go next. Restaurants, bars, clubs, esplanades and other interesting activities make of Baixa the most important place of the whole city.

Santo Ildefonso

This may be difficult to pronounce but try to stick it in your mind. Your next travel to Porto will include this adorable place. It is in Santo Ildefonso where you find the most popular Portuguese market: the Bolhão market. A visit to this market will make you feel so Portuguese that you will want to chat with the lovely market’s stallholders.


If you are looking for something more romantic, try Massarelos and visit the Jardins do Palácio de Cristal. The astonishing landscapes were designed by the German architect Émile David in the 19th century and besides the romantic perspective of these gardens this is also an ideal place for kids.


A must-see. Definitely. Ribeira is probably the most breath-taking thing you will see in Porto. Rich in History, this charming place is also full of nice restaurants and bars with very delicious food. If we take into consideration the fact that the Douro River is the greatest attraction of the city, so this old part of Porto will steal your heart forever. From Ribeira, and if you stroll a little through the streets, you must visit the Clérigos Tower and the Sé Cathedral.

Vila Nova de Gaia

On the other side of the river there is another municipality: we call it Gaia or Vila Nova de Gaia. The Cantinho das Aromáticas is a divine organic farm highlighted by The Telegraph and we don’t need to take a lot of time to understand why. All visitors will fall in love with the aromatic flowers, medicinal plants and kitchen herbs.


The best restaurants, the best fish and one of the best places to live in Porto. Matosinhos is this perfect place next to the sea and it invites locals to surf and have a drink at the end of the day. However, if you like to make your own fish, go to the Mercado Municipal and you will find there different species of fish and more.


Miragaia is now popular due to the street art, which wasn't well accepted by the locals some years ago. It happened that there is an inviting street called Ancira (Rua de Ancira) that attracts everyone who is looking for some kind of different art. It is also here where you find one of the best street arts by the most famous street artists, Vhils.

Lello Bookstore

Whether you like Harry Potter or not, the truth is that this enchanting bookstore is no longer hidden among the locals. Tourists from all over the world come to visit this adorable place because its interior is just so wow. Its curving red stairs and vaulted ceilings have inspired the author of the most famous wizard to write the books. Furthermore, this is probably the only bookstore in the entire world that charges for entry tickets (but this money is discounted if you buy a book there).

Vogue Café

This sleek and sophisticated café makes you feel like you belong to a different generation or even to a different era. In here you do feel the vogue style everywhere. This wonderful official Vogue destination can be found inside the hotel Infante Sagres, which was also emphasized in the Forbes magazine.

São Bento Station

Go, you will love it. This is not just another train station. The São Bento station has something peculiar that distinguishes it from all the other stations, the blue tiles (azulejos). The station was built in 1903 and contains over 20,000 tiles, whose paintwork took 11 years to be completed by the Portuguese artist João Colaço.

When people visit Porto they do take a piece of the city in their hearts. This historical town hides little secrets in each corner and it is also an inviting city to visit any time of the year. Why not this Réveillon? Join our amazing New Year’s Eve Tour!