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Reasons to Visit Portugal in 2017

Reasons to Visit Portugal in 2017

March 24, 2017

2017 has just begun and we already selected some reasons why you should visit Portugal this year!

2017 has just begun and we already selected a number of reasons why you should put Portugal on the map this year! Let this small country, bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, surprise you and charm you.

1 - All people pleaser / Full experience guaranteed

In this small corner of Europe, one can find a great diversity of landscapes and experiences. To travel from city to city, from seaside to mountainous countryside takes less than 2 hours, so there’s always picturesque worthy stops along the road. Whether one visits to enjoy the beach, the rural areas or a more cultural vacation, we have it all!

2 - Mediterranean Weather

This one reason is self-explanatory and much known already. Truthfully, Portugal has great weather conditions: a warm long summer and a mild winter. Also most of Portugal's coastline is facing west, therefore one can enjoy the best sunsets over the ocean! 

3 - Increasing Quality of our Tourism

The quality of our tourism sector has been increasingly recognized as each year passes. Portugal has won 24 prizes in the World Travel Awards 2016 including Europe’s Leading Beach Destination – Algarve – and Europe’s Leading Island Destination – Madeira.

4 - Affordable Prices

Even though Portugal is becoming a trendier destination, especially cities like Porto and Lisbon, prices remain affordable without compromising the quality and diversity of services.

5 - Gastronomy

Our gastronomy is diverse and scrumptious. Fresh ingredients are a must and so regional products tend to be the basis of every cities traditional meal. If you’re a foodie, road trip from Algarve’s delicious seafood up to the tasty beefs in the north of Portugal. Moreover, we’re known to cook fish beautifully and our regional pastries are to die for.

6 - Exotic within Europe

Enjoy the natural beauty of our Islands in Azores and Madeira. Madeira combines an all year round springtime weather with gorgeous green landscapes and exotic colorful flowers. Azores, a group of volcanic islands, with its clear water lagoons and stunning panoramic views, it is the perfect place to get in touch with nature, to bike or hike or to simply relax.

7 - Safety

Ranked number 10 in the list of the world’s safest countries according to the WEF (World Economic Forum), Portugal will let you to enjoy a stress-free safe vacation.

8 - Our hospitality

Portuguese tend to be friendly, genuine people. Tourists are treated not only with respect but also enthusiasm, whether one engages with citizens in the streets, or during costumer service.

9 - Our wine Regions: Alentejo and North of Portugal

These are Portugal’s most charming authentic regions. Not only are they homes of a great variety of fine wines. The landscapes are breathtaking. The charming Douro Valley, home of Port Wine is an UNESCO’s World Heritage Site and offers Portugal’s most scenic train journey. Alentejo, Portugal’s golden prairie, also home of fine Portuguese wine, it grants stunning seemingly untouched landscapes and deserted, less-known beaches.

10 - Festivals and Festivities

We keep it busy here during spring and summer. Small and big festivals for any taste of music you may like featuring sunny weather, amazing venues, camping and affordable prices.

Moreover, our Santos Festivities in June, inflame entire cities! These great celebrations fill every street and gather young and old! There's sardines, air balloons, fireworks, live music and a joyful atmosphere you can’t possibly miss this year!

11 - Porto

Elected Europe’s Best Destination for the third time, Porto combines elements that attracts a diverse, interesting crowd. Whether one is visiting due to its ever more lively cultural agenda, historical monuments, panoramic views, vibrant easy-going nightlife or nearby beaches, Porto is sure to disappoint no-one.