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6 Powerful Reasons Why Around-the-World Travellers Love Portugal

6 Powerful Reasons Why Around-the-World Travellers Love Portugal

January 04, 2018

2018 has just arrived so it’s time to expand your travel list! Discover why Portugal should be on the top of your Travel Radar this year!

Country of conquerors, Portugal has been showing the world why this is still a great country. Small in size, but a gigantic destination, this little miracle on Earth has six strong reasons why tourists fall in love the moment they step on the land of ‘saudade’.

Shinny Happy People

It’s everywhere you go. The Portuguese are friendly and welcoming, enough said. It’s in the blood of the Portuguese to be like this and even if you don’t speak the local language, they will also give you a hand with that.

The Portuguese are very easy-going, informal, and relaxing people and they always want to make sure that everybody feels comfortable. Ah, and don’t get surprised if you see them speaking loudly in the streets, because that’s exactly how they interact, especially in the North, and that means they’re just having a normal conversation.

The Best Hotels

With a great list of awarded hotels, Portugal is once again the king, so your choice will never be hard when it comes to visiting Portugal. These hotels are known for providing the tourists the best of the experiences when they need to plan their tours in Portugal. Qualified staff, well-equipped bedrooms, and exquisite meals make these hotels an extreme reward to all tourists. Feeling at home is an essential thing here and you will be given with a fair and luxurious experience.

Some of the examples are Pousada de Lisboa in Lisbon, Flores Village Hotel & Spa in Porto, Quinta de la Rosa in the Douro region, and the Conrad Algarve Hotel in Algarve (Europe's Leading Luxury Lifestyle Resort 2017).

Food For The Soul

Gods would love to have a fete all together in a Portuguese banquet. Rich, varied, and delicious, the cuisine is ready to take you to the moon with its marvellous dishes. Surrounded by 97% of seawater, one can easily imagine how important the fish is at a Portuguese table; there’s also the seafood that gives birth to wonderful meals, and – please! - make sure the wine accompanies all these options; and never lose the chance to try the pastries like Pastéis de Belém with a hot coffee.

The majority of the restaurants in Portugal are not pricey and the food is of really good quality.

Culture Is An Infinite Muse

The Portuguese are very patriotic and they feel proud of their heritage. History plays a very important role in here and almost everybody can talk a little about it. Despite being a small country, Portugal has a handful of culture and we are ready to show you how we do our thing.

Considered as the most peaceful people in the world, this lovely place has also got a curious word that only exists in the local language – saudade – and you will find that saudade is sung in our traditional music – fado – and that when they sing it there is a turmoil of emotions in the voices, in the guitars, and in our hearts. Yes, tissues might be needed.

Best Weather in Europe

Our superb Lisbon has got more sun hours than any other capital in Europe so this is very welcoming and interesting to all the tourists that really come to enjoy all the richness the city has to offer. From April to October, the weather in Portugal is quite perfect and pleasant for long walks, sunbaths, a coffee in an esplanade, or for a romantic getaway – your soul mate’s heart will surely melt.

Winter might be colder and quieter, but the rain will be responsible for the rebirth of green and majestic landscapes all over the country and this is more than a good reason for you to bring your camera and walking boots to discover new places.

It’s Really Cheap!

There’s nothing better than travelling to a country knowing that our pockets will be smiling at us in the end of the holidays. You just need to walk around, but not much, to find inexpensive places. In fact, Portugal is indeed a cheap country, but the balance between quality and price is excellent.

Restaurants, hotels, souvenirs, cinema, coffee, bus/metro, and so on, are affordable and you may even have the opportunity and the money to spend a little bit more on an extravagancy: helicopter or balloon trips, why not? Portugal is positively the right place for you to give yourself and your family a world of whimsies. 

Allow yourself to adventure in this blessed land where there is always the promise of a great stay and real enjoyment. Portugal doesn’t need advertisement because it’s a natural love that grows in each one of us once we got here.

These 6 reasons show you why tourists think this country is always a good idea and why travelling through Portugal is an inspirational activity, but Portugal is THE reason.