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If you don’t like the autumn that’s because you haven’t visited Portugal!

If you don’t like the autumn that’s because you haven’t visited Portugal!

November 21, 2017

People around the world use to remember Autumns as the saddest season. However, this period tends to be the most beautiful time in Portugal! Discover the strongest reasons!

Summer is definitely over, but the autumn is the perfect season for us to go on that trip we’ve been dreaming for so long. As Jim Bishop (1907 - 1987) said, “Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons”. The leaves fall, the air smells like roasted chestnuts, and Portugal is here waving at you with the brightest smile. Nice weather and charming places will make you read this article.

The beautiful Autumn in Portugal

It is not a secret that is always a lovely idea to visit Portugal and this period of the year is not different. There are so many beautiful places to see, everything is so much more romantic, everything gets new colours, and tranquillity is served with long and peaceful rivers and streams. In autumn there are fewer people walking in the streets and it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of what Portugal has to offer. Prepare to plan amazing weekends and we’ll help you travel through Portugal from North to South in only five places.

The Douro Valley

One of the most impressive landscapes in Portugal, Douro Valley is like a melody right into your veins and it gets even more special at this time of the year: the grapes tint the vines and, seen from above, Douro gets a layer of red and purplish tones, which makes it more astonishing. Autumn is just the ideal season to visit this giant place that gives birth to best wine: the Port Wine. But here you will discover greater treasures and you’ll find out why everyone is talking about the Douro Valley right now (beyond its wine). Dressed in green, red, and brown, the Douro region is a magical place. It’s cool for long walks and to have a deep contact with Nature in its pure sense. Douro is undoubtedly popular in Portugal and everything and everybody there is ready to take care of you. A nice stay and a warm heart are promised.

The ancient town of Braga

Considered as the loveliest city of Portugal, Braga is here to take your breath out. An ancient city that is also the house of a large group of young people is ready to welcome you with its rich history, charming houses, and historical monuments. Braga is probably our rainiest city so you can imagine how beautiful it gets in autumn: the leaves that fall on the ground leave a red and yellow carpet that will lead you to the Santa Bárbara garden (dated from the 17th century), which is always so colourful, but gets more romantic in autumn. There’s an obvious smell in the air that witnesses the arrival of this season, and you see people carrying hot chestnuts on their hands, getting in cafés ordering a short and warm coffee with a toast done on only one side (the café A Brasileira is always the best option for everyone).

The trendy city of Porto

Yes, this is the best time to visit Porto. Why? Moderate temperature, the hotels and hostels decrease their prices, and life gets a different rhythm – the city is not as crowded as in spring or summer. The sky is the limit, they say, but one should always see how amazing it becomes here in autumn. With a panel of warm tones everywhere, Porto is a complete jazz song for your spirit, where everything happens unexpectedly. The churches, the ground, the people, and the sounds they all belong to a deep and sweet melancholy so characteristic of the autumn. Remember this was the city that inspired the author of the most popular wizard in the world and it was elected “The city of the Year 2017”, so it can only be special, right?

The gorgeous Capital Lisbon

Thinking of doing a break for a couple of days? Lisbon is the right answer for you. Even in autumn Lisbon is still full of movement and energy; the weather is mild and it totally invites everyone to take long walks or do any other activities. There are so many different spots one can choose: the São Jorge Castle, Bairro Alto, Rossio, Chiado, the Belém Tower, the Commerce Square (Praça do Comércio), the Gulbenkian Museum with its beautiful gardens, and so many others that will blow your mind. Needless to say all these places get an amazing charm during autumn. The capital of Portugal becomes less crowded due to the decrease of tourists and this will be great for you not to wait a long time in a queue to try a Pastel de Belém – some locals like to eat it with a little cinnamon on top, an autumnal spice. Hey, Lisbon is waiting for you!

The warm Algarve

Algarve is perhaps the most well known region among the British and also the place where many devoted tourists decide to spend their retirement, but still purely Portuguese. One can be lucky in the beginning of this season and go to the beaches to sunbathe and eat a grilled fish in an esplanade café, but if that is not the case, grab the chance to explore the wildlife in Algarve. Summer may be too hot for the fauna and flora, but the autumn brings a kind of rebirth to different species of flowers and plants; and some birds that migrated are now coming back home again. Besides, Algarve is cheaper from October until the end of the winter so there are a lot more opportunities to enjoy playing tennis or go cycling in a timid sun. Paradise is here and it’s absolutely worth it!

Your days don’t have to be boring anymore because Portugal gives you all the reasons to come visit it. Autumnal breaks are becoming popular and one of the main explanations is the decrease of tourists and the pleasant weather. This way, you have a higher opportunity to enjoy culture to the fullest, but don’t choose only one city since Europe’s Leading Destination is a sapphire as never seen before.