Are These Portuguese Spots Some of the Best Ocean Views in the World?
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Are These Portuguese Spots Some of the Best Ocean Views in the World?

Are These Portuguese Spots Some of the Best Ocean Views in the World?

May 10, 2018

From North to South, we found incredible spots to relax and to admire the imposing beauty of our planet.

Dear reader, consider the question above as a rhetorical one. Yes, this is indeed a beautiful list of magnificent spots in Portugal from which you see the Ocean from different and deep perspectives. Throughout the article you’ll understand why these were chosen as the best spots.


Where History and pleasant beaches meet. Tavira is a special place for those who seek for pleasant holidays and its stunning beaches allow you to take a short boat trip to the island (Tavira Island), not very far from the coastline, and enjoy some of the most special views you can possibly imagine. Tavira is a little secret in Algarve that you can’t miss. It’s quiet and peaceful and perfect for Nature lovers due to its long coastline and surrounding fauna and flora.


In Aljezur you can visit some of its most impressive beaches, but the beach of Praia do Monte Clérigo is such an inspiring spot with all Nature colours combining together: it’s the deep blue of the ocean, the warm shade of the sand and the dark brown and grey from the cliffs. This picturesque view can also be seen in Praia da Arrifana, another great spot. These are other pleasures you won’t resist.


Famous, chic, and 100% Portuguese. This is Cascais, our very best spot if you like to enjoy both Nature and a more ‘busy’ life with activities and nice places to eat. Being the most famous holiday destination in Portugal, Cascais has got all the reasons to invite you to see it. Its landscapes are unique and fabulous and there’s not a single person saying the opposite. In Cascais, the views are typically Portuguese, with white houses and resorts, but also with the green from the trees and then the inspiring horizon from the Ocean.


It’s Heaven and Earth, pure, peaceful and kind of exotic. Azeitão used to be the much-loved destination of the Portuguese aristocracy and some of the buildings made there still witness those times. As it is always difficult for a Portuguese to choose one spot in this region, we chose Portinho da Arrábida and Praia de Galapinhos, both immense and all-time favourites. Both have a strong presence of Nature, with long trees and cliffs, and they are obviously perfect places for you to have a spectacular view of the Ocean.


Located in Leiria, Peniche is famous among surfers and that’s one of the reasons why they visit Portugal, but have you ever seen it? There’s nothing like Peniche in the whole world. From the Wall of Peniche de Cima (Muralha de Peniche de Cima), built in the XVI century, the view is stunning and grotesque in the sense that it is transcendent. Cabo Carvoeiro is the end of the peninsula and you can have fantastic sunsets there while watching the waves coming and going. The lighthouse, which gives Carvoeiro an even more impressive scenery, is still there since 1790 and it’s working.

Viana do Castelo

The North is no longer a shy girl in desperate need for attention. Places like Viana do Castelo make the North of Portugal a magical place. Its nostalgic marina represents quite well the Portuguese essence and a walk through its beaches will give a rough but also immense view of our Ocean. Colder and slightly more aggressive, the sea in Viana do Castelo will transport you to one of those novels written by Emily Brontë.


Located in Lagoa, a very charming and quiet village in Algarve, Carvoeiro was elected - April 26 - as one of the most beautiful by the European Best Destinations that has also elected some other imposing beaches such as the ones in Greece, Croatia or Spain. Carvoeiro is ideal for beach lovers and also for those who like to paddle. Besides, the high cliff in Carvoeiro offers you a splendid view of the huge Atlantic Ocean.

They’re absolutely magnificent and they all have different personalities. Some are sounder, others are quieter, but they’re all transcendently striking. The next time you travel to Portugal, either North or South, make sure you visit one of these spots and get your camera ready.

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