5 Best Portuguese Destinations for Solo Travellers
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5 Best Portuguese Destinations for Solo Travellers

5 Best Portuguese Destinations for Solo Travellers

July 29, 2019

Traveling alone can be one of the best ways to learn and challenge oneself. Beautiful landscapes, nice and welcoming locals, and the fact it is a safe country all make Portugal an amazing destination for solo travellers. Get ready for a stress-free, enric

People travel because they want some special moments in life, or because they always travel in the summer with their families, but you are looking for a different kind of vacation, aren’t you? Check these 5 destinations for your next solo trip.


A trip to Portugal deserves a visit to Lisbon - the heart of the country and where everything happens. Imagine you can open a box full of your favourite chocolates and other candies: this is Lisbon. The apple of our eyes has been witnessing an impressive growth in all possible terms and that is because of its essence. Lisbon is a beautiful city and it is full of activities to do throughout the year. Apart from the city centre, take time to relax and enjoy the surroundings: the colours and palaces of Sintra, the beaches of Setúbal that will take your breath away, and a walk in Cascais will give you enough energy and it will renew your soul. Inspiring, isn’t it?


The Azores are a great choice and since you are alone, you have all the time in the world to explore all the tiny details of Azores. Nature is its best attraction: the plantations of tea are wonderful to see, and you must try a cuppa because it has proven health benefits. Apart from this, the beaches by the volcanoes are warm, you can swim with dolphins, and you can visit amazing islands like São Miguel, Faial, Graciosa, Pico, Corvo and Ilha das Flores. And of course, if you are a Nature lover, you can do bird watching in Azores, especially in Corvo where different species come from the European and the American continents.


Now let’s go to the North of Portugal. If you are aware of the trends, and you are interested in travelling to Porto alone for the first time, you should know that this city is in, fashionable and just breath taking. Porto has been receiving tourists from all parts of the world and you may ask why. It’s simply because Porto has a magnificent architecture, the people are hospitable, the food is delicious and cheap, and the hotels are the most comfortable thing ever, which is a common thing in all Portuguese hotels. Porto has got life in all its corners and at night, it gets especially interesting and beautiful. Places like Ribeira, Foz do Douro, Cais de Gaia, Aliados Avenue or Boavista will transcend your soul.

Porto Covo

This is a little secret we are sharing with you. If you are looking for a different vacation, calmer and simply gorgeous, check out what Porto Covo has got for you.  The beaches with emerald waters, the clean sand, the paradisiac views and tasty grilled fish all day - this is Porto Covo. In here you can spend a few days relaxing, forgetting the stress of our daily lives. Porto Covo deserves some nice walks near the beach, and you can enjoy interesting views from the gazebos or watch the sunset at the beach.


Last but not least, the enchanting city of Braga. This destination is ideal for those who are looking for an alternative and pocket-friendly option. When you walk in the centre of Braga you can truly appreciate all the nice buildings and well-preserved architecture. In Braga, you really do not need to spend a lot of money and there are great options when it comes to hostels and restaurants. This city makes everyone feels welcomed and its invitingness aspect will make you wish to never go back home again.  

So, these are the spectacular 5 destinations we have exclusively chosen for those who intend to visit Portugal alone. You can visit one, two, or all of them.

Contact ecoTours Portugal, we are here to help you and to make sure that your solo trip in Portugal is a blissful and highly satisfying experience.