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Bloomberg confirms: Portugal is trendy!

Bloomberg confirms: Portugal is trendy!

August 09, 2017

Bloomberg considered Portugal one of the 20 trendy tourist destinations to go. Discover the reasons!

Recently Bloomberg released a list of 20 tourist destinations to go to this year and Portugal appear in this prestigious list!

The highly regarded news agency pointed out: “Portugal’s position in the pantheon of European tourism has shot from ‘obscure’ to ‘over-the-top’, and Lisbon, the charm-packed capital, is poised to keep climbing.” Bloomberg further mentions the gradually improved conditions of Portuguese hospitality thanks to a greater accommodation offer, whose quantity and quality has been increasing in recent years and also to the continuous investment by airlines in this country, making it more accessible for visitors from all around the world.

Truth be told, Portugal has been continuously rising in the opinion of the European people and, moreover, the world public.

Lisbon’s cultural agenda is busier than ever, providing daily entertainment: concerts, theater performances, art exhibitions and much more. Also the recently inaugurated Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology is definitely a new refreshing stopping point when visiting our capital. On the outskirts, stop by Europe’s Best Beach, our very own Praia dos Galapinhos.

Furthermore, Bloomberg mentions our southernmost region, the Algarve, a perfect destination for all those who enjoy spending sunny warm days by the seaside whilst simultaneously being provided with the utmost comfort and luxury.

Not only can we provide you with our tour services within the streets of our luminous capital, we happily concede you our services to drive you to Galapinhos and also further away around Algarve’s most iconic places!

Enough with the south, a different atmosphere, also welcoming and inviting is up north. Porto was awarded the Best European Destination of 2017 and Forbes elected Porto, the City of the Year! The city is absolutely stunning and on the rise with perspectives to be expanding even more with the much expected opening of a Time Out Market and the continuous growth of its accommodation offer and cultural events.

Experience Porto with us, we provide you a diverse offer of Tours in Porto you can choose from, as well as a magnificent Douro River Cruise that will take you to Porto’s outskirts and to the home of Port Wine.

Portugal is a small country yet it is one of endless beauty. One can wander without getting lost, simply let us guide you!