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Inspiring Cultural Demonstrations in Portugal

Inspiring Cultural Demonstrations in Portugal

March 08, 2018

On your next visit to Portugal, you may face a variety of ever-changing cultural demonstrations. They are a mixture of a “typical-modern” experiences that surprise tourists from around the world. Immerse yourself in the Portuguese culture!

From North to South, Portugal has incredible ever-changing cultural demonstrations. They are modern, but they still preserve their original soul. Adventure, rest, fun and good moments can shape your vacation, but you can also join the Portuguese people and be part of these typical cultural parties!

And we selected for you the best cultural demonstrations in Portugal. Check our demanding Top 5!

Santos Populares: Santo António, Lisbon

If you want to travel to Portugal and see things you’ve never seen, mark June on you calendar. In Lisbon takes place every year a local tradition devoted to Saint Anthony – in what is called Santos Populares.

The streets of Alfama are full of lights and the smell of grilled sardines – and bifanas, a pork sandwich - cooked next to the houses, cafes and restaurants. The life and the soul of Lisbon are at its best. We’ve the perfect pack if you want to explore Lisbon especially the typical streets where Santos Populares are held, our Lisbon City Tour. Essential if you don’t want to miss a thing!

Dinner, a Cultural Event

Another cultural demonstration you’ll find funny is how dinner is almost a cultural event. At night you’ll find groups of friends celebrating while eating dinner.  Office parties, birthday parties and university parties are usually held in restaurants. If people start singing Happy Birthday while you eating, it’s normal. Usually the other costumers play along and all the people clap or sing to the birthday person – even though you’ve no idea whom he/she is. To dinner in a restaurant could be a real adventure!

Carnaval and The Ugly “Caretos”

Portugal lives the Carnival.  Carnival is as important as the Halloween to the Americans. People dress in costumes and go party to the streets. There’re famous Carnival spots in Portugal such as Loures or Torres Vedras, usually with a politic parody themes. But in the northeast you’ll find one of the eldest European carnival traditions. It’s part of the Cultural Heritage in Portugal but also from Europe. Caretos is a special costume from the pre-roman era and some believe with Celtic background. You’ll never see a carnival party like in the typical region of Trás-os-Montes (“behind the mountains”). Once in the North, enjoy other amazing traditions that are so lively here. It is one of the most rural and traditional areas in Portugal and it deserves a long visit.

Santos Populares: São João, Oporto

From Santos Populares festival, Oporto saint tribute to St. John the Baptist also takes place in June. Street concerts and parties fill the city with vivacity. There’s also the traditional barbecues and drinks while enjoying the party.

At the very night the fireworks paint the sky and the famous Douro River in an experience totally different for a tourist. The Summer sky will dazzle you. For this magical trip to Oporto try our Porto City Tour, where you’ll have the best of the both worlds.

Medieval Festivals in the Summer

If you’re looking for see castles in Europe and feel that medieval history, Portugal is the place to visit. Usually, the medieval festivals are held in the late Summer in all Portugal. These festivals tend to represent in all the ways possible, the ambient of the medieval times. Typically, you’ll find these festivals near a castle or a historic place. From the songs and the food to the costumes. It’ll amaze you!