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How to Discover Portugal… Away from the Crowds?

How to Discover Portugal… Away from the Crowds?

May 03, 2018

If you want to visit Portugal but you’re not a crowd fan, bear with us: we’ve some tips for you!

Sometimes we’ve enough with people. We just want to relax and have a good time. Who’d say that you could travel to Portugal, explore the Portuguese culture and above all that, have a relaxing trip? You can visit the North or the sunny Algarve or even Azores, always keeping away from the crowds.

The Unexpected South of Portugal

Algarve. Yes, you can visit the popular Algarve with the region almost reserved for yourself. If you travel to this beautiful region between October and May, you’ll dive in the quietness and the beauty of this warm region. Visit little towns and cities for this experience!

Try to visit the charming town of Tavira. The characteristic houses, sunny vibes, plenty of churches and a castle will make your chin drop. Also there’re a lot of traditional of restaurants with fish specialties, but also international cuisine. Tavira exhales Portuguese culture and you’ll find it a calm and charming place to stay. 

Once in Algarve you could also visit Vila Real de Santo António, which is the Portuguese border with Spain. It’s a small and captivating town with an 18th Century architecture. And as you are so close to Spain, here you’ll feel a harmoniously combined cultural ambient!

Castles, Walls and Monasteries: the Portuguese History

Do you want a castle for yourself? Portugal is the perfect place to travel to. Torres Vedras has a castle on a small hill, almost hidden from the touristic crowds. Obidos is another amazing example, which is a medieval town ready to be discovered. If you choose your travel date carefully, you can have a very calm trip to Alcobaça ou Batalha Monastery, two of the masterpieces in Portugal!

Speaking about medieval, Alentejo is your place to peacefully relive the Portuguese History. Lost in Alentejo lies a fairytale castle named Mértola’s Castle. In this small quite village there’s a tremendous monument. The way you see it sneaking a peek among the hills will dazzle you.

Comfort Food and Cozy Ambient: the North for Winters

If you want to keep away the crowds, the best season to visit Portugal is, as we’ve said, between October and May. That period will allow you to have different experiences from the Summer Season tourists. The Winter food means comfort dishes in Portugal. If you decide to visit the North, strong flavours will be presented such as the characteristic winter supper, Cozido à Portuguesa, or the traditional Caldo Verde soup. Just imagine you and yours at the Douro Valley with few tourists and eating like a Lord, with some of the most incredible Portuguese views. Plus, the cozy ambient. Braga, Viseu and Bragança are lovely in Winter.

Away from the Mainland and the Crowds: the Emblematic Green Islands

Don’t forget the Portuguese islands! Especially, Azores. We assure you, this archipelago will amaze you. The two-coloured lagoon, the food cooked with volcanic heat, the pineapple plantations and the typical tea... S. Miguel is a mandatory island. And as you’ll be there when nobody will (Autumn and Winter), you’ll be able to see a warm and green landscape. If you want to see the purest Nature, you’ve just found your place!