We Did it Again: ecoTours Portugal is the “Best Tourism” in Portugal!
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We Did it Again: ecoTours Portugal is the “Best Tourism” in Portugal!

We Did it Again: ecoTours Portugal is the “Best Tourism” in Portugal!

March 13, 2018

For the second year in a row we won the PME Excelência Award, confirming that our professionalism, hard work and commitment make the difference in the Portuguese economy. This year we added “Best Tourism” to our awards. Discover why!

“PME Excelência” (SMC Excellence) is the award every small-mid company in Portugal wants to get its hands on – and we have managed to win ours for the last two years in a row. And this year we reached even more: we also won the “Best Tourism” award.

Both prizes are the proof of our commitment on only providing excellence experiences and work towards to all our clients expectations. This is what we work for everyday and we couldn’t be happier to announce our conquest!

What is “PME Excelência” Award?

This is one of the highest Portuguese Awards a small-mid company could ever wish for. It is the ultimate recognition of a company’s hard work, improvement and dedication over the year to its customers, proving to be worthy of high levels of trust and investment and proof of their growth and contribution to one’s country economy.

The “PME Excelência” nomination criteria are stick and selective and only the best companies manage to receive this oh-so-wanted award. Selection criteria go from financial autonomy volume to growth in turnover. And every year they also elect a rigorous Top 5, according to business area. On the Tourism Industry our work stood out and we received the “Best Tourism”. These recognitions are a reputation seal awarded in partnership with “Turismo de Portugal” (Portugal Tourism), the Portuguese Government and other partners to distinguish the Portuguese companies worthy of merit and superior performance.

The Ceremony and the Proudest Team

If you’re reading this post from the beginning, you already know that we won the “Best Tourism” award, but did you know that we were the only Travel Agency distinguished with this prize? What an honor for us!

The gala took place on February 20 at the Multiusos Pavilion of Gondomar, right here at our home-trendy-town – Porto. As if being distinguish with one of the greatest Portuguese Awards couldn’t be enough, it had to happen on our hometown – coincidence? Well, coincidence or not we went on and celebrated it with our best shout out when they called our name on stage and, on that moment, we were truly the happiest workers among them all. We were so honored that everyone else clapping on that room was covered by ours.

The Award itself was delivered to us by our Economy Minister – Manuel Caldeira Cabral – a figure of great importance in our country, with a special speech from Ana Mendes Godinho, our State Secretary for Tourism, that praised all Tourism companies in Portugal for their hard work and improvement, helping the Portuguese economy to grow and becoming one of the biggest incomes for our GNP (gross national product).

So, if you are yet to decide which Travel Agency would be the best to book your next getaway – search no more! ecoTours is officially the Best Travel Agency in Portugal and we are happy to announce that our experienced team is ready to provide you the best experiences!