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ecoTours Portugal Traveler - Francieli and Raphael Review

ecoTours Portugal Traveler - Francieli and Raphael Review

November 20, 2013

Meet the fantastic new couple Francieli and Raphael and read their review about their adventure in Portugal.

Francieli and Raphael are a newly married couple and they chose Portugal to enjoy their honeymoon. They simply loved Portugal: the people, the History, the Culture… Sintra, Douro Valley and the Northern Portugal will surely stay forever in their memories.

And while they do not return, they wanted to give their testimony about the wonderful country that they found. Meet this fantastic couple and know about the adventure through Portugal that ecoTours Portugal team prepared for them.

The Review of Francieli and Raphael:

Francieli and Raphael are a newly married couple's from São Paulo (Brazil) and they chose Portugal to enjoy one of the most special moments of their lives: their honeymoon! They visited Portugal from North to South, and they want to give their testimony about the wonderful country that they found.

The first point of the trip was Lisbon, after Oporto, Douro and Minho. Then, they returned to the south of Portugal. Along the tour, they had time for knowing our ecoTours team. They are, surely, a fantastic couple: they radiate happiness and good mood and it was a pleasure their visit at our facilities.

Francieli and Raphael left Portugal delighted: they loved the North of Portugal, fell in love with the Douro and Sintra. The delicious Portuguese food, the History and Culture left them very impressed. They are thinking to return and re-experience the hospitality of Portuguese people. In the end, they highlighted too the professionalism of our team.

Francieli and Raphael, a newly married couple, chose Portugal to enjoy their honeymoon

Travel Blog: What are the reasons that led you to choose Portugal to celebrate such a special moment as your honeymoon?
Francieli & Raphael:
 The fascination with the Portuguese Culture, History, wine and food. All of this was taken into consideration when we chose Portugal as our honeymoon destination.

TB: Have you ever had visited Portugal?
F&R: We had never visited any country of the European continent. Portugal was the first.

TB: You chose to do a circuit throughout the country. Why?
F&R: We wanted to make the most of Portugal and know everything we could, because we were sure that we would love it! Many friends who already knew Portugal always said that the country is beautiful, with very kind people. So, we travelled with this expectation and everything was really confirmed.

TB: Among the places that you visited in Portugal, what were your favorites?
F&R: We enjoyed the Northern Portugal, Oporto and Guimarães, mainly because it is very preserved and people are more similar with the region of Brazil where we live. In these places, we felt at home. We loved Sintra and fell in love with the Douro Valley.

TB: Was there any place that disappointed you in Portugal?
F&R: No there wasn’t.

TB: Are you planning to return to Portugal after this tour?
F&R: Surely! We want to return soon.

TB: So… what will you visit, without any hesitation, at the first place?
F&R: Without any doubt, Douro Valley and Oporto city!

TB: During your stay in Portugal, what can you highlight about the Portuguese people?
F&R: They are very well prepared to receive tourists and we were impressed with the ability of Portuguese people for speaking other languages, specially English and French.

TB: What is the most peculiar characteristic about Portugal?
F&R: The coffee, the candies, its blue sky and the Fado music. We loved!

TB: What will you tell to Brazilian people about this country?
F&R: That Portugal has happy people, great food, great coffee, good wine, beautiful landscapes and lots of History.

TB: Would you recommend our company to someone who is thinking about planning a visit to Portugal? Why?F&R: We would recommend without a doubt, because our trip was perfect and because we feel the love and dedication of your team, especially the dear Anabela.

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