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Why your Next Fall Break Should Be in Portugal?

Why your Next Fall Break Should Be in Portugal?

October 01, 2018

Heads up! Summer hasn't yet departed in Portugal – but the crowds and high prices are gone. So, Autumn is a great season to visit Portugal. We give you some great ideas!

Thinking about making a break but don’t know where? Do you want to visit something different, with an excellent price and quality relationship? Keep reading this article because I am about to convince you to come to Portugal this Fall.

Douro Valley

It is the colours of Fall and its inherent melancholy that distinguish this season from the others. Douro is that region you don’t want to miss. Let’s say this is THE place where all Fall features come together and where all tourists really enjoy to come and visit. A tour around Douro Valley and all it has to offer is a very wise choice, especially if you are looking for a quiet place to spend your holidays in.

And if you want to enjoy the most of this wine region, join our Douro Valley Tour and we will give you the opportunity to see wonderful plains, where the Port Wine, our most famous wine, is produced and this is also quite an inspiring place for those who are seeking harmony, good food and wine, breath-taking landscapes, and nice people.


Our golden city has become one of the best destinations in Europe and it becomes especially beautiful in Fall. The yellow and brown leaves on the ground will give the city a very special view and impressive photographs will invade our Instagram accounts. Porto has got an imposing architecture on Aliados Avenue, the restaurants serve very delicious food at inviting prices, everybody is friendly and hospitable, and the hotels are incredibly comfortable. A stroll around the city will be more than enough to almost convince that this is the place where you would like to spend the rest of your life. It is magical, inviting, and no one ever regrets.


The temperature is always nice in the capital so you will not need too warm clothes for your next holidays in Portugal. The smell of roasted chestnuts invades the city and this will definitely put a big smile on your face. Once in Lisbon, why don’t you go to Parque das Nações or visit the city centre and check the emblematic places such as Chiado, the Castle of São Jorge, the antique elevator of Santa Just, and Belém. Ah, and by the way, provide yourself a sweet treat in Belém and try a typical and mandatory Pastel de Belém with an espresso. Besides all this, you can also have to visit this city at night, with all its electric lights and magnanimous monuments. Join our Lisbon by Night Tour and you will also enjoy a delicious and typical meal with a fantastic Fado Show.


Here is what has been happening: Alentejo is happening. This fructiferous region is no longer our beloved secret. Tourists from all over the world have spent their holidays in Alentejo, because its kind of stays away from the city stress and there is no such thing as ‘rush hours’. Just imagine Alentejo as that guy who is lying back with a straw in his mouth simply relaxing. The best time to visit this region is exactly in Fall, because it becomes so beautiful with new colours that are giving the region a new life. It is oh-so-good. During Fall Nature turns out to be very powerful and at night, while the skies are dark, the light from the stars will make you dream.

And to experience the best of this region, we invite you to join our magnificent Tour through Alentejo, in which you can also explore the wine side of this region. Yes, it includes a delicious wine tasting in a famous winery!


Ok, Óbidos is just the most incredible place on Earth. Away from the crowds and the city style, Óbidos is a medieval and walled village perfect for everybody. A stroll around this village will make you feel like a king or a queen, but make sure you take your most comfortable shoes and clothes just like a 21st century royal family would do.

Óbidos already has beautiful colours, because people like decorating their windows with multi-coloured flowers but I don’t need to tell how it looks like in Fall, do I? You should visit it in Fall, because it has the ideal temperature to enjoy every corner of it. And we also have something else for you: our special Tour around Óbidos, Nazaré, Batalha and Fátima will show all those hidden details you would never be able to see without our help.

Guimarães and Braga

Two neighbours, football rivals, but equally outstanding. I know that you are already convinced, and you want to visit Portugal, but don’t forget to visit these dreamlike cities in the North of the country. The centres of both cities will make you feel like you are in a soap opera where beautiful façades decorate the streets, where there is greatness and, above all, fine hospitability. Moreover, they are good for those who want to see stunning cities but without spending a lot of money. Our Tour around these historic cities are prepared to show the most important monuments, such as the Bom Jesus, the Sanctuary of Sameiro in Braga and the Castle of Guimarães, which was the house of our first King. And it is a private experience!

Your next travel to Portugal will happen this Fall and we can’t wait to receive you. It doesn’t really matter where you go, because we are 100% sure you will love it!