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5 Things to do in August and September

5 Things to do in August and September

July 29, 2015

Portugal’s cities are filled of events during summer, religious parades or wine festival, come and enjoy it with us!

You are coming to Portugal during August or September, and you would like to enjoy a real Portuguese experience? Check out this list of events… Summer lasts until September in Portugal, and there is always an event going on from garden festival to religious parade!

International Garden Festival

May 29th to October 31th

During 5 months, the city of Ponte de Lama opens to the general public marvellous gardens. The exquisite spaces are created within the framework of this original initiative. Discover the imagination of artist and the expertise in the field of gardens and gardening. This entertaining festival aims also to the preservation of heritage values and raise awareness about defence of the environment.

The ephemeral garden will drive you to an enchanting world, and show you new approaches in the conception of green spaces.

Silves Medieval Fair

07th to 16th of August

Silves, former capital of Algarve during Arab occupation, is going back to the middle age during this 9 days festival. The streets are filled by jugglers, acrobats, dances and snake charmers, to recreate the old atmosphere and offer to the visitors a live-action history lesson.

Feasts of Nossa Senhora da Agonia

20th to 23rd of August

Since the 18th century takes place the Festivities of Senhora do Agonia in the beautiful city of Viana do Castelo. Fishermen invoke their patron to grant them a favourable sea. During 3 days, the whole community will take part in the celebration to honour the lady but also the culture and history of Viana. 

Don’t miss the procession of young girls and boys wearing rich and colourful traditional costumes throughout the streets of the city, which are delightfully decorated for the occasion. Viana will become a live ethnography and folklore museum. The festivities ends by a magnificent firework display on the centenarian bridge over the river Lima.

Find here the festival programm (only in Portuguese)

Festivities of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios

August 21st to September 09th 2015

In the Douro, you can also attend the Festivities of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios between the end of August and September. The city of Lamego dedicated a full-time festival to its Patron saint, and hundreds of thousands of people come to take part in the festivities. Shows, exhibitions, concerts, parades and cultural and sporting events will animate the city during two weeks.

Madeira Wine Festival

August 30th to September 06th 2015

At the beginning of September, every year the islands of Madeira celebrates the starts of the wine harvest. The Wine Festival pays tribute to this precious nectar and its undeniable socioeconomic significance. Events will take place in Funchal and Estreito de Câmara de Lobos. The city center of Funchal will be filled with living portraits and actors who re-enact the winemaking process in Madeira, food, Madeira wine tastings, exhibitions, regional handicrafts and traditional music and lights performances.

Portugal celebrates its traditions and History in August and September. The best way to learn about Portuguese culture while having a good time with your family! Our tourist guides would be glad to drive you around and tell you more about it. Get you free quote now!