Handy Tips: 5 of the best apps to use in your trip through Portugal
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Handy Tips: 5 of the best apps to use in your trip through Portugal

Handy Tips: 5 of the best apps to use in your trip through Portugal

February 27, 2018

Do you think that planning a trip can be a pain? It’s 2018 and you have all the necessary tool to make your vacation through Portugal a breeze. From the App Store to Google Play, we’ve rounded up some of the best travel apps to help you!

We live in the Smartphone’s Era. Our phones are full of social apps and little games, but did you know that you could use smart apps for your trip to Portugal? Today we recommend you 5 of our favourite apps to explore and travel through Portugal.

Guia de Viagem Visit Portugal app (“Travel Guide”)

The far most important app for you to use is Guia de viagem Visit Portugal. This app will allow you to plan your trip at the moment! You’re able to check the interesting places near you and to plan your trip as efficient as possible. You can also choose your dream trip by topic: Nature, Sun and Sea… Check it now!

Visit Portugal Travel App will allow you to discover places like "Aldeias de Xisto"

Lisbon Street Art app

If you’re visiting Lisbon keep your eyes wide open because the capital of Portugal breathes Street Art. Lisbon Street Art app provides you a guide for a smarter trip to Lisbon.  While you’re searching for a monument you can also check out graffits and new types of urban art. With this modern and incredible app, your visit to Portugal will be richer.

VisitAzores app

Because travel to Portugal also means visiting Azores Islands, VisitAzores app is mandatory! This app offers you tips of every kind: best places to eat, events, places to see, experiences… But also some History, Geography and Gastronomy explanations. In this app you will find valuable tips and recommendations for each island, so you can visit the best (handy) places.

Install Lisbon Street Art app and discover the most amazing Urban Paintings of this city

Algarve Events app

Is Algarve your destination? You can’t miss all the events that took place in this sunny region. Especially on Summer, Algarve is full of events, so you can combine beach and other leisure activities. Concerts, Seafood festivals, book fairs, street performances and so on. Algarve is a gem in the South that you can’t miss; Algarve Eventos app will allow you to plan your dream trip to one of the most memorable places in Portugal.

Talking Heritage Sintra app

Sintra is a must-see near Lisbon. With a fairy tale landscape and palace, it’s difficult to see everything at once. Talking Heritage Sintra is perfect if you want to make your own little Tour. With a bunch of different routes to explore this app is perfect for the adventurous ones!

With Talking Heritage Sintra App you can create your own little tour through this enchanted place

This incredible 5 apps will make your journey and experience in Portugal easier. But if you need more advices and other recommendations for your perfect Portuguese trip or city break, talk with our expert and friendly team and we can plan everything for you!