Handy Tips: The Most Charming Train Stations in Portugal
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Handy Tips: The Most Charming Train Stations in Portugal

Handy Tips: The Most Charming Train Stations in Portugal

June 19, 2019

Let yourself be amazed by some of the most spectacular train stations in Portugal and in the World.

It is true that Portugal has plenty of beautiful monuments and amazing landscapes, but some train stations are pure masterpiece. They were built, undoubtedly, with love, and once you visit them, let yourself be influenced by their grandiosity.

São Bento Train Station, Porto

Jorge Colaço designed this beautiful train station in 1903, and it is one of the most beautiful train stations in the entire world. Well, we can easily understand why.

When we step into São Bento, no one gets indifferent to its magnitude. The blue and white tiles (azulejos) that underlay the walls take you to another time, just like a travel in time, more or less the 19th century. Its dramatic features have transformed this train station into a touristic attraction… and it is for free!

These tiles tell pieces of history, such as some important battles and the revolution of transportation.

Located in a perfect area of the centre of the city, when you step out of the train station feel free to walk around the city and explore its nearby spots: Aliados Avenue, Ribeira plaza, the Cathedral, Rua das Flores (Flores street)… Just go and start enjoying your Portugal holidays by foot.

Pinhão Train Station, Pinhão

So pleasant and attractive! We are talking about another very famous train station among tourists and, obviously, among the locals.

Normally, tourists that visit Porto also enjoy this ride, which is short (about two hours). And what makes it so special? The landscapes, the Douro River, the dark tunnels and so much more.

When you arrive at Pinhão station, you will be impressed, once again, by some blue tiles (from 1937) on the four walls whose pictures depict some important elements of the city of Porto and the Douro region.

This sophisticated train station is normally included in touristic packages that take everyone to a wonderful experience in which they can explore the so-famous vineyards where Port Wine is produced, among other activities.

This is undoubtedly a must-see right in the heart of Douro. Once you get there, take time to visit the town of Pinhão.

Rossio Train Station, Lisbon

Built in the late 19th century by the order of the Portuguese Royal Railway Company, this majestic train station was once important because it was used to make the connections between Lisbon and Sintra.

The most intriguing aspect about this station is its tunnel (about 2.6 km long), which is how trains access the station, and, consequently, people arrive at the central area of the city. This tunnel is considered as one of the most imposing arts of the Portuguese engineering due to its length and complexity.

This station was once called Central Station, which you can see on its façade, and until 1957 it was the terminus for passengers.

As an important element of the city of Lisbon, Rossio was designed under the light of some Romantic and Neo-Manuelline styles, and even if art is not your cup of tea, we can guarantee you that its façade deserves a nice pic.

A tour that will take you there

And… why not a tour?

Here at EcoTours we appreciate our tourists satisfaction and you are the reason why we have designed a very interesting tour.

Considering that São Bento train station is one of the most beautiful in the world, our Porto Walking Tour will be able to show you some of the most important monuments, like the station itself,  the Clérigos Tower, the magnanimous Cathedral, other landmarks of the city of Porto like the Ribeira plaza, the D. Luís I Bridge, Port Wine Cellars; you will also learn tons about the history of the city, stroll along its avenues, typical streets and historic centre, which is a UNESCO site.

This one-day tour is an all-in-one package that ends with a delicious suggestion: a sweet Port Wine tasting in one of the most famous Port Wine Cellars.

The next time you visit Portugal don’t forget to consider all these three Portuguese train stations and let yourself be enchanted by their history, beauty and elegance. Portugal is a country rich in history and we consider it so important that we feel proud to say that we have one of the most beautiful train stations in the world.