Top 10 Places in Portugal to Shoot the Best Instagram Photos
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Top 10 Places in Portugal to Shoot the Best Instagram Photos

Top 10 Places in Portugal to Shoot the Best Instagram Photos

June 13, 2018

Travel and photography were meant to be together. And Portugal is the perfect scenario. Don't miss these amazing places and tips for great photos of each spot. Your Instagram will stand out!

No one has ever told you but Portugal is that country that will make you take the best photos for your Instagram. Come find out more about those places to visit in Portugal.


Our sweet capital can provide you the best photos ever from panoramic views at São Jorge Castle or while strolling around the emblematic streets and places like Chiado, Alfama, or Bairro Alto. The old houses in iconic neighbourhoods with women on the windows really tell a lot about life in Lisbon and these moments are famous among the Portuguese. Full of History and monuments, this colourful city is a whole paining itself.


Not far from Lisbon, we have this wonder full of colours and palaces that will blow your mind. Whenever someone visits Sintra it is inevitable to think that we are in a fairy tale. Sintra has the power of making you dream and, far from the crowds and confusion of the big cities, Sintra is just perfect for Instagram photos. Its landscapes and architecture are the dream of any Instagrammer.


Probably now the most fashionable city, Porto is worthy a thousand Instagram pictures. You just need to stroll around the city to understand and see that everybody is holding a phone to take pictures. Porto has plenty of buildings designed by famous architects and monumental places like Clérigos Tower, Ribeira, Luis I Bridge or Rua das Flores (Flowers Street) that make of Porto one of the most interesting European cities to shoot.


Famous for its University, Coimbra is a little place in Heaven. Also another spot for curious Instagrammers, Coimbra has been the stage for many beautiful pictures and films. Apart from the city and its churches and monasteries there is another place in Coimbra that is absolutely a must-see: Portugal dos Pequenitos – where you can see some important monuments but in small size. A little surprise capable of making you sweep off your feet.

Douro Valley

There is absolutely no need to sell Douro, right? Douro Valley is that one place full of stories and stunning landscapes and where our famous Port Wine was born. Besides, this region is ideal for those who have been looking for strong, emotional and bucolic pictures. Douro is different and magical and you don’t need to struggle to find an excellent photo.

Setúbal and Arrábida Mountain

Another interesting city that has been becoming famous and often visited by tourists is Setúbal. This city has been showing our Instagrammers how cool the Portuguese beaches are for this is definitely the place of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal. You just need to take a look at Portinho da Arrábida, Galapinhos beach, Coelhos beach, and Creiro beach and hold your mobile phone quite tight because you’re about to shoot the best photos ever.


Oh well, this is indeed a perfect place for Instagrammers. Just imagine paradisiac beaches with the blue and green of the ocean melting our hearts. A perfect destination for summer, but also for fantastic photos near the beaches where the intensity of the landscape is easily captured.

Cape St. Vincent

Cape St. Vincent is another bucolic place that reminds us of the transcendent cliffs in England. It is deep and the only noise you hear is the one that comes from the strong waves going against the cliffs. Again, the intensity of the ocean will provide great photos. By the way, another curious aspect of this spot is that this is the most westerly point in Europe.


The Portuguese Venice is that place where all lovers go and most recently where all curious Instagrammers go to take the best photos. Its colourful houses near the river - Ria de Aveiro - and the moliceiros boats have been providing the best photos of Portugal. Apart from the city centre, Aveiro has another special place that has become tremendously adopted by Instagrammers – Costa Nova, famous for its old haystacks that are now fashionable little striped candy houses.


Last but not least, the capital of the Baroque is commonly photographed for its emblematic streets – Avenida da Liberdade, Sao João do Souto, Chaos, Avenida Central, Castelos, and Rossio da Sé. Besides this, whenever Instagrammers go to Braga, they always save a picture for Brasileira Café and Theatro Circo. Historical and monumental, Braga has nice and potential photos hidden in each corner that you don’t want to miss.


Honestly, we could give you a bigger list, because Portugal is such an intense country where all cities and places have secreted spots, but this list will be enough to warmth your heart and take the most interesting photos. So, your next travel to Portugal will fill your Instagram account of lovely photos, won’t it?