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Portugal ranked 3rd on Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Countries List for 2018

Portugal ranked 3rd on Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Countries List for 2018

November 07, 2017

Portugal has emerged from the long shadow of its neighbour Spain and it is now considered one of the 10 Top Countries to visit in 2018!

Who’d say that Portugal would become the 3rd Country to come up on Lonely Planet’s list to visit in 2018?

Finally, they got it right! Portugal is a hidden treasure next to Spain that you got to visit next year. Year by year Portugal has become a tourist country, Lonely Planet points out five reasons to visit and we’re going to explain you those reasons. Let’s visit Portugal!

First: Art and Museums

If you want to come and pay a visit to a country full of art, Portugal is one of your best options. First of all, Portuguese museums are relatively near one from another’s, and overall they aren't expensive. Sometimes on Sunday, you’re able to visit museums for free!

Portugal has such a great range of art museums but if you’re looking for the top three you have to visit Museum Calouste Gulbenkian, Museum Colecção Berardo and Museum Arte Antiga de Lisboa.

Second: Food

Oh, the Portuguese cuisine! If you want a holiday where the food is the main course, we’ve found you a place. Besides the fancy Michelin star restaurants spreading as Lonely Planet says, Portugal is full of traditional soul food places to eat.

In Lisbon is mandatory Bitoque (a steak with a fried egg on top and a sauce made by angles, really.)  Peixinhos da Horta and Ovos Verdes (green beans and eggs tempura, so good.) and Bacalhau à Brás (codfish with tiny chopped fried potatoes and parsley.) If in the North, try the famous Francesinha (a Portuguese sandwich with a lot of meats and lots of sauce). In Alentejo or Algarve you have to try Carne de Porco à Alentejana (chopped pork meat with french fries) and of course seafood, especially in Algarve where you’ll eat the best octopus salad ever made.

Third: Affordability

As a foreigner, you’ll find Portugal not expensive. You’ll be able to eat a full meal (entrees, main course and dessert) for 10/15€ in Lisbon. And the red wine and olive oil, you’ll find them incredibly cheap! Also, the museums are not that expensive nor the places to visit. 

Fourth: Natural Wonders

Apart from the dazzling beaches referred by Lonely Planet’s List, you’re able to experience everything while traveling through Portugal. Northern Portugal, especially the Douro Valley, is an unbelievable experience for nature lovers, the green is so astonishing! And if you go to Serra da Estrela you’ll see mountains painted with snow. If you keep coming south you’ll see beautiful rivers and stunning mountains, and in Algarve, you'll fall in love with the beaches and the blue crystalline water. Once in Azores and Madeira – the archipelagos – you'll be over the moon.

Put it on your list: Best in Travel 2018 – Portugal!​