Portugal Declared Best Sustainable Tourism in Europe
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Portugal Declared Best Sustainable Tourism in Europe

Portugal Declared Best Sustainable Tourism in Europe

August 09, 2019

One of the world’s leading travel trade show, ITB Berlin, has awarded Portugal as the Best European Destination for Sustainable Tourism. Let’s check some of the reasons why Portugal has been declared the best of the best.

Portugal is becoming an expert when it comes to achieving great awards and we couldn’t feel prouder with this one. Elected as an eco-friendly destination, Portugal has proven that there is still a lot to see and explore on this side of the world.

The award

The contest was held in Berlin on March. Surprisingly or not, Portugal was elected the great winner of the entire experience. Throughout one year, all countries involved have their sustainable standards evaluated.

Portugal Sustainable Destination

This award proves that Portugal has got all the perfect conditions to receive and warmly welcome everyone who comes for different reasons. For example, groups who come for congresses, administrators, politicians, or anyone who wants to have a unique experience in their next green vacation.

With this award, Portugal attracts all kind of curious minds and investors have a huge interest in this country. So, why shouldn’t you feel the same?

This is a different world we are living in and in the last two centuries, we have developed so much in terms of technology and environmental consciousness. There is still a lot to be done but Portugal has made sure that efforts are being put together to walk towards the path to success. It is clear that this country wants to share a word with everyone and being so powerful when it comes to Nature preservation has rung a bell in tourists’ ears.

Why Portugal?

Full of natural landscapes capable of stealing your heart out, Portugal is a complete guide to happiness when it comes to natural wonders and views. From the North to the South there is a lot to see and try – yes, try! The food, the culture, the habits, the people, and the cities or villages are the perfect plan for your trip and here’s why:

  • The rich History of the country will captivate your soul and make you want to learn more and more;
  • The people are so welcoming and friendly that you just want to invite the Portuguese for a nice glass of Port wine at the sunset;
  • The capital, Lisbon, is so beautiful and attractive that has captured the attention of tourists across the world;
  • Algarve is a wonderful region for those seeking great summer or spring vacations;
  • The food is so varied and satisfying that you will never have the time to try everything;
  • Alentejo is a magnificent region for those seeking peace and quiet;
  • The archipelagos of Madeira and Azores offer a diversity in Nature and spectacular wildlife;
  • The North is an amazing show between Nature and modernity in urban areas;
  • Arcos de Valdevez and Ponte de Lima are two beautiful villages that have become famous due to their natural landscapes and green areas;
  • And the National Park of Peneda-Gerês is another spectacular region with rich biodiversity, heritage and cool walking trails.

An adventurous tour to Portugal

This is a special occasion and it must be celebrated. Here at EcoTours Portugal, we have planned a great tour that will give you the chance to explore a little bit some of the most important places in Portugal.

In the Adventure in Portugal Tour, tourists are taken to the protected and wildest landscapes where they feel an immediate connection with Nature. Discover some of the greenest regions of Portugal, along with their crystal rivers. Explore the cultural heritage and have fun being active in cool experiences, such as walking or a cool jeep trip. Last but not least, travel through some of the most important European National Parks and old towns, like Ponte de Lima and Paredes de Coura.

This 6-day tour is a unique experience that you don’t want to miss, so please feel free to contact our team whenever you want. We are looking forward to your visit.

Although we are honoured by the award, we also realize that there is always a lot to be done and all our green, preserved areas and wildlife must be taken care of, so that everyone has the chance to visit and enjoy the pure wonders of Nature.