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8 Destinations that Should Be in Your Bucket List

8 Destinations that Should Be in Your Bucket List

July 18, 2018

It's time to start checking off ideas on your travel bucket list. Let us help you with these amazing Portuguese destinations!

This wonderful country has plenty of beautiful destinations you can visit and they’re not pricey at all. With this article we’re going to show you 8 impressive destinations for this year.

Viana do Castelo

An enchanting city that has been showing progress and enthusiasm. Viana do Castelo, the last district before Spain, is located in the region of Minho and it’s never crowded as the big cities are. In Viana you must visit the Sanctuary of Santa Luzia, visit the city centre with its streets, which are similar to the Greek streets. Don’t forget to visit the former Gil Eanes Hospital Ship where you can see the old labs and operating rooms. It’s totally worth it and different.


Continuing our visit to the North of Portugal, Bragança is a lovely town with a mixture of modernity and medievalism. Bragança has also been developing both culturally and architecturally. In Bragança you must visit the Castle, erected in 1187; the Domus Municipalis, which is the only Romanesque building that has survived time; the Church of Santa Maria; and Castro de Avelãs, which is a Benedictine monastery formed with three circular chapels. Bragança has also got some interesting landscapes that will cost you nothing and that are worth a visit.


Far from the stress of the cities, Évora is possibly one of those towns that tourists have been enjoying the most in the central Portugal. It’s historically rich, it has incredible dishes and really beautiful monuments. The Roman Temple in Évora is just outstanding and it’s considered as being the best preserved Roman temple on the Iberian Peninsula; Praça do Giraldo is right in the centre of the city and it’s good to relax while enjoying an expresso; the memorable Bone Chapel; the aqueduct, a structure from the 16th century; and a nice stroll in the streets will definitely melt your heart.


To enrich your travel to Portugal, here’s Aveiro, the Portuguese Venice, but way cheaper than Venice! Aveiro is colourful, pretty and elegant. Once you go there, don’t forget to take a ride on a moliceiro through the canal that is also going to provide you a nice visit of the city; visit the Cathedral that is absolutely magnificent and with a baroque style façade; the beach spots such as Barra and Costa Nova are definitely a must-see due to its candy-stripped houses. Aveiro’s nightlife is in and not expensive and you can have this good time in the town centre.


Here’s a little secret for you: Tomar. Appealing and fascinating, Tomar is away from confusion. In the 13th century Tomar was the Iberian capital of the Knights Templar. Full of churches and scenic landscapes, this small town has all you need to have a really good time in Portugal. When in Tomar, take the chance to visit the ancient Convento de Cristo, whose architecture is absolutely magical; the Praça da República; and the Museu dos Fósforos (Museum of Matches) where you can see a great collection of matchboxes. Ah, and the Castle of Almourol, which is in an islet (Almourol islet) is probably the best of the best.


Everybody loves it. Óbidos is different from everything you’ve ever seen and it’s a dreamlike place in Portugal. You’ll see a very traditional Portuguese fortified city while strolling around its narrow streets and seeing the picturesque buildings in this historical city. When in Óbidos, don’t forget to drink a glass of ginginha (a sweet alcoholic drink). As it is a very small town, you can visit other cities nearby like Peniche, Nazare or Alcobaça.


Innovation and tradition dance at the same time in Braga. This beautiful town of the North of Portugal is rich in History and the whole city shows you some reminiscences from the Roman era. The legacy of History is present in the churches (Sameiro Sancturay and Bom Jesus Church); houses from the 18th century in the city centre; marvellous gardens and an imposing culture. Eating and sleeping in Braga is not expensive at all and you can even expand your trip to other places such as Gerês or Póvoa de Lanhoso, which are greener and full of natural landscapes.


Last but not least. The most important town in the North is no longer a mystery. Porto is elegant and full of things to do and see that don’t need a lot of money, just your full attention. While walking in Porto, and once we don’t want you to spend your bucks, make sure you see the Clérigos Tower; the Aliados Avenue; Ribeira with its astonishing view of the Douro River and Rabelo Boats; and always drink a relaxing Port Wine, either white or red. Other interesting spots are the Dom Luis I Bridge, Casa da Música, Rua das Flores (Flores street), Sé Cathedral and the garden of Palácio de Cristal. Expand your visit to Matosinhos and enjoy a nice fish dish for a very reasonable price.

So, are you still curious? These are the 8 cities we’ve chosen for you. Remember that to be happy you don’t need to spend all your money, you just need to make the right choices, and this nice bucket list was inspired on you. We really appreciate when our tourists visit Portugal and we want to give you the best of the best. Get your free quote and enjoy low cost holidays in Portugal!