How Portugal's Culinary Might Surprise Even the Biggest Foodie!
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How Portugal's Culinary Might Surprise Even The Biggest Foodie

How Portugal's Culinary Might Surprise Even The Biggest Foodie

January 30, 2018

From the seafood to meat, discover the delicious Gastronomy!

There’s no one who haven’t visit Portugal and fall in love with the Portuguese cuisine. Find out just why!

Cod in 1001 Ways

As an Atlantic and Mediterranean country, Portugal has the ocean and sea influence everywhere. As a result, cod became a star. If you’re a foodie you’re probably aware of that but have you try it in every way possible?

The Portuguese gastronomy has uncountable ways to cook it but we assure you that the most delicious ones are: Bacalhau com Natas, which is cod with cream, is such a thing you’ve to try. Imagine an oven-backed cod with cream and tiny fried potatoes…. Nevertheless, Bacalhau à Brás, which is cod done the way Mr. Brás used to make it – even though we have no idea who Mr. Brás is nowadays – is so yummy, picture shreds of cod with a beaten egg and fried little potatoes, just delicious.

If you’re not satisfied yet, you’ve to try Bacalhau Espiritual, which is Spiritual Cod a very funny name, but I promise you it’s a thing made by angels. Who’d say cod, bread, milk, and carrots could result in such a tasty thing?

Olive Oil is the Key

The Portuguese are crazy for olive oil. It’s served as a base or seasoning of almost every dish. Remember the cod dishes? If you want to experience olive oil you should try them. You should also try Polvo à Lagareiro that is octopus with olive oil. Basically, if you see the word Lagareiro you know it’s about olive oil.

If you want to buy olive oil, Portugal has tones of different brands, types and some very individual flavours! That means special bottles with spicy olive oil, olive oil with rosemary or even garlic and lemon.

Seafood in the Algarve

If your wish for seafood isn’t pleased, keep going south until you reach Algarve. As Algarve is all located in the cost, of course, seafood will be important. In Tavira you can taste the most mouth-watering dishes: Tuna steak, octopus salad, or the tasty seafood skewer!

Do you love seafood? Algarve is the right place! For example, you’ve Seafood Festivals like those in Olhão and Faro. A do-not-miss experience!

Alentejo Makes your Mouth Watering

The yummy factor is huge in the Alentejo. Alentejo is all about bread and wine. Once in Alentejo is mandatory to try Migas, breadcrumbs with garlic and olive oil usually combine with other few ingredients but they are so tasty. You can’t imagine!

Alentejo is also famous for its tomato soup and Açorda à Alentejana, bread, eggs and olive oil. Alentejo is also well-known for its wine and enotourism. There’re lots of places to visit if you want to try a couple of wines such as Casa Agrícola Santos Jorge and Dona Dorinda Organic Wines. Don’t miss the experience!

The “Chouriço”

Last but not the least, Chouriço. One of the most well-known entrees in Portugal. “Chouriço” and other “enchidos”, are types of cured and smoked sausages very popular in Portugal. A tip, “Farinheira” and “Alheira” are a must-try. Farinheira is an enchido with pork, paprika and flour usually cooked with scrambled eggs, absolutely delicious.

But, Alheira has a lot of History! Almost similar to Farinheira, Alheira is made without pork. It was invented by the Jews when in the 15th Century they were threaded to be expelled from Portugal except if they converted to Christianity.

The remaining Jews, who kept faithful to Judaism, could not eat pork so they made a smoked sausage with other meats (usually poultry and game) so no one knew. Nowadays is one of the best smoked sausages in Portugal.