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Portugal was elected

Portugal was elected "Europe’s Leading Destination 2017"

November 02, 2017

Portugal is the best destination in Europe and it won more distinguished prizes at the World Travel Awards

Having collected a third of the prizes at the World Travel Awards, in St. Petersburg, Russia, on September 30, Portugal is officially a fancy destination. With a rich History, nice people, the most comfortable hotels, the best food and wine, inspirational places and museums, the world has it eyes on the Best European Destination and we invite you to come visit it and be delighted with all that Portugal has to offer.

The competition

Founded in 1993, the World Travel Awards have decided to interpret an indisputable role in the sectors of tourism, travel and hospitality. Every year the World Travel Awards prepare a magnificent gala ceremony in which the world itself is the major character. With a large range of world, national and regional categories, these Awards have inspired millions of people across the globe to travel, to dream…

This year Portugal showed that tourism is its cup of tea and that professionals in tourism have been working to win so desired prizes. This beautiful country was elected Europe’s Leading Destination, which is one of the most important prizes, and we couldn’t be prouder.

And from Hotels, Resorts and Villas to cruise companies and Tourist boards, Portugal already received two great prizes: Algarve Region was considered the Europe’s Leading Beach Destination and Lisbon was elected the Europe’s Leading Cruise Destination.

With so many prizes and admirable recognitions, why is Portugal so trendy around the world?

Azores and Madeira: the divine treasures of Portugal

As mentioned, Madeira Island is once again awarded with a very honourable prize: Europe’s Leading Island Destination 2017. Both Madeira and Azores have a lot to give. It’s like they were separated on purpose, because there is just so much we can absorb from the two of them that having them together would be the double outburst of feelings. They are green, they are fire, and they are one’s desire.

Surrounded by 97% of seawater, one cannot say the Gods weren’t inspired when they created this bounden piece of land. Portugal, the Best European destination, is a diverse and unlikely country. We cannot only choose one place from it, because Portugal is a whole. The cities, the villages, the monuments, the landscapes, the gastronomy, the hotels and, most importantly, the people make Portugal one of the finest trips ever. Get aboard!

The Precious North

Starting with a picturesque trip, the North of Portugal is becoming clearly trendy. Book your next holidays, pack your luggage and come visit this side of the country.

Totally covered by green and breath-taking landscapes, old monuments that tell a lot of the Portuguese History, a tradition that nobody wants to miss, and the wine – oh, the wine! – is going to be served with the cosiest dish after a long tour. Viana do Castelo, Braga, Guimarães, Porto and Aveiro are just a few examples of cities that tourists want to visit when traveling in Portugal. Chic and elegant, but rustic at the same time, the North has always been the hidden pearl.

The Unexpected Centre of Portugal

Now we move to the shining Centre of Portugal, where one can be enchanted with the cities of Coimbra, Castelo Branco, Leiria, Viseu and Guarda. Full of mysteries and stories, some of the monuments in these cities hold a secret power that will make you travel in time instantly.

The centre is like a newborn that we just want to cherish and lull very, very softly. For example, the Almourol Castle is considered the most beautiful castle in Portugal and it is definitely a must-see. Don’t forget the Alcobaça Monastery, founded by the first King of Portugal, which is also the place that witnesses the love between a King and a Posthumous-Queen of Portugal. How can one feel indifferent to this?

The Beloved South

Tours in Portugal are thrilling, and the South will make you feel like you have always belonged to it. It’s just emotional.

The supremacy of Lisbon (an awarded city) with its awarded hotels is waiting for you: Altis Belém Hotel & Spa (Europe's Leading Design Hotel 2017), the amazing Pestana Palace Lisbon (Europe's Leading Luxury Business Hotel 2017), and Bairro Alto Hotel (Europe's Leading Landmark Hotel 2017).  

Don’t miss the beaches of Setúbal, the impressive and bucolic Alentejo, and our crown jewel: Algarve, the most impressive beach spot. This famous Portuguese coastline will promise you the most pleasurable moments and the paradise will be right at your feet.

Choose a nice stay at one of these awarded hotels: Hotel Vila Joya (Europe’s Leading Boutique Resort 2017); the Conrad Algarve Hotel (Europe's Leading Luxury Lifestyle Resort 2017); or the EPIC SANA Hotel (Europe's Leading Lifestyle Resort 2017).

And if you need a great suggestion, ecoTours Portugal and its amazing team are ready to help you travel from one end to the other and that includes a special itinerary that goes from Lisbon to Algarve: a supreme experience named Southern Portugal Tour