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5 Experiences Every Traveller Should Have in Portugal

5 Experiences Every Traveller Should Have in Portugal

April 24, 2018

It you want to travel to Portugal, you’re in luck. We’ve reunite a lit with five amazing and traditional experiences every traveller should try. From Gastronomy to music, just relax and schedule your agenda!

They could be more, but these five Portuguese experiences will absorb your soul the moment you try them. Portugal is a country with a rich and interesting offer when it comes to culture, so allow yourself to enjoy these desirable things that you shall not miss.

Codfish For All Tastes

We have it in many different ways that makes all Gods so jealous. “À Brás”, “À Braga” or “À Narcisa”, “Zé do Pipo” or “Gomes de Sá”, are just some cod dishes you should try. They’re different but every Portuguese kitchen knows how to make it. Obviously, they all have some little secrets, and that’s what makes our “bacalhau” so special, but these inviting dishes are no longer secrets for the top chefs all around the world.

Normally, a cod dish is often served with potatoes, onions, olives and a good olive oil. Ah, and please drink a fresh glass of green wine to serve alongside. It’s just a little pleasure at the table for a reasonable price. 

Pastries and Desserts

Our Gastronomy is rich, fancy and absolutely delicious. Forget all you know about desserts, because Portugal loves to make an excellent pastry out of a simple puff pastry, cream, eggs, sugar and sometimes cinnamon. Ok, this would be the equivalent to a “Pastel de Nata” or “Belem Pastry”, but we have so many convent sweets that can sweeten your life and give you a good moment with your family or friends.

And their names are absolutely fantastic! For example, “Papos de Anjo” (Angel’s Double Chin), “Ovos Moles” (Soft Eggs), “Travesseiro de Sintra” (Sintra’s Pillows), “Pastel de Feijão” (Bean Pastry), and “Pudim Abade de Priscos” (Portuguese Bacon Pudding), and many, many others. So, come and enjoy these treasures with a fine glass of Port Wine.

Port Wine Tasting

Yes, we are truly proud of our wine and Port is even more special and that’s why we have great experiences around it. A visit to the wine cellars in Porto, for example, would be an exciting and unique experience to have because you get to know more about Portuguese people, about our culture and even the whole process of wine-making. In addition, the visitors can try a glass of this magnificent wine and they can buy a bottle as a gift to later enjoy with friends.

Consider a bottle of our Port Wine as an exclusive symbol of Portugal and I am pretty sure you’ll make your friends so jealous about it. Want a tip? Serve it not too warm and no too chilled and prepare some slices of a delicate cheese. And if you want to visit the incredible and genuine Wine Cellars, placed at Vila Nova de Gaia, book our private Tour through the emblematic city of Porto and enjoy every moment!

Douro River Cruises

They are enchanting, natural and heaven on Earth. These cruises are a definite choice that every tourist should make when travelling to the North of the country. You may find different prices and different kinds of experiences, but normally these trips allow knowing a bit more of the Douro region. Open landscapes and vineyards are the pearls of these expeditions.

Throughout the cruise, you may visit Régua, Pinhão, and loads of friendly people. But don’t think this is a mere visit to the villages, they are also culturally rich and the traditional food you can try is also impeccable. Departing from Porto, this experience will guarantee you satisfaction and you will also enjoy some moments of relaxation in contrast with Nature at its best. Join a boat trip and admire the oldest demarcated wine region in the world!

Fado Show

Our traditional music, Fado (meaning Destiny, in English), is a fabulous experience that everyone can enjoy. Most popular in Lisbon, where it was born in the XIX century, it often needs two guitarists and a singer. Fado makes part of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists. Where to listen? While strolling around the picturesque streets of Lisbon, some bars and restaurants include a live show, so you can have two of the best experiences at the same time: enjoy a delicious and traditional Portuguese meal while listening to Fado.

As we know what tourists like when they visit Portugal, we’ve planned a special tour for this purpose. Our Lisbon By Night Tour is inspired in all our tourists who always request something so special as this.

Impressive enough? These 5 experiences will make your travel to Portugal more interesting and, in the end, you’ll feel culturally richer and satisfied.