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Portugal, the Best Golf Destination in the World

Portugal, the Best Golf Destination in the World

December 10, 2014

Portugal distinguished as Golf Destination by World Golf Awards. Come and play in the Best courses of the World!

Originally from Scotland and practiced since 1400, Golf has similarities with a game practiced in the Roman Empire. Is considered by many an elite sport, played mostly by males. However, currently although in the minority, is also practiced by women and even children, can start with little age, practicing in mini-golf courses.

Do you accept a golf challenge in the Best Golf Destination in Europe and in the World? Can you guess where it is? 

Portugal in the first edition of the World Golf Awards 

Portugal was awarded this year as the Best Golf Destination in the first edition of the World Golf Awards.This entity measures the quality of the top golf travel destinations by several criteria like: its climate, accommodation, location, flight connections and of course the supremacy of golf courses.

Portugal was honored by being on of the countries nominee for “World’s Best” and among the 10 countries nominees for “Europe’s Best”.

The Golf in Portugal 

If you have ever visited Portugal, you already know that it is geographically very well located: standing near from most European capital cities, having the perfect mild climate, having beautiful and different landscapes, from the beaches to the valleys, from the countryside to the city and the warm and welcoming locals. 

In the latest years, besides sun and beaches or nature, the country developed its tourism towards golf, with the goal of making this leisure activity, one of the main touristic product of the country.

Playing Golf in Portugal 

Portugal has around 80 golf courses. Most of them placed in spaces offering accommodation as well as all the facilities related to the activity, making your stay in Portugal memorable.

By being a golf passionate, or if you want to try it, you will not want to miss the opportunity to play in the best Portuguese golf courses.
Thus you can choose the south of Portugal, the major golfing destination that captivates a large quantity of golfers. In this destination, you can opt for the Algarve, where you can enjoy its fascinating line coast and beaches, or Alentejo region, the countryside with a calm and relaxing atmosphere and its vast plains. Or you also can go to the portuguese capital, Lisbon, surrounded by its elegance and glamour. As you can conclude, Portugal as a wide variety of landscapes and environments for you to choose and have your first golf swing. 

Visit now the Best Golf Destination in the World! 

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