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Portugal is Now the World’s Leading Destination 2017!

Portugal is Now the World’s Leading Destination 2017!

January 02, 2018

We did it again! Portugal won a new trophy and this trendy country is the new World’s Leading Destination 2017!

Welcome to this oh-so-awesome place on Earth. Portugal is the new rock star and everyone should visit it for all the good reasons we’re about to tell you. This charming nation was the first European country to win the World’s Leading Destination prize making Portugal a complete and unique champion.

We Are The Champions

So much for Brazil, Maldives, the USA, Morocco or Spain, Portugal is the new trend and has become the first European country to win this prize, but this wasn’t all. On the 10th of December, Portugal brought home more prizes that make us all proud and confident:

Lisbon is once again the apple of everyone’s eyes having won for the first time the World's Leading City Break Destination 2017. The capital is this place where culture and love meet every corner of the city;

Not very far from Lisbon, Sintra, our place of great enchantments, collected the World’s Leading Conservation Company 2017 with its astonishing parks and landscapes. One can’t just resist it;

Algarve, our polished emerald, has been responsible for collecting several prizes including World's Leading Luxury Leisure Resort 2017, with Pine Cliffs Resort, a majestic luxury resort that gives you all the tranquillity and comfort you need for your next vacation;

Turismo de Portugal, an institute that works for the promotion and sustainability of tourism in Portugal, has been awarded for the first time with the World's Leading Tourist Board 2017 prize;

And glorious Madeira Islands, the heartbreaker, took home another prize, World's Leading Island Destination 2017. Madeira has it all: the sea, the mountains, the gastronomy, the splendour, and the people.

Strike a Pose, Portugal

Oh, Portugal, erstwhile the country of conquests and of brave men who used to throw themselves into the sea in search of new conquests, you are now the great winner in tourism. A country that has never stopped, that has been fighting and winning, gathers all those things we consider essential and beautiful in one single place. It’s historical and cosmopolitan, it’s the sun, the food and the wine, the landscapes, and it’s the way Portugal welcomes everybody.

Tourism in Portugal is improving and it’s now a destiny of excellence. This boom has fomented high-quality training of people in the area of tourism and the results show how satisfied the tourists have felt. Hard work, passion, and dedication, put Portugal in a worldwide podium and, wait for it, it won’t stop here.

When tourists come to Portugal they fall in love with everything they see and the incessant flashes of their cameras show us how important it is and how they want to take a little bit of Portugal to their home.

The monuments, so varied, attract tourists from all over the world for various reasons; the gastronomy and the wine are for begging for more and one can get very satisfied in almost every restaurant you find in the street; the culture is intense but we get along pretty well with everybody and tourists immediately feel at home in Portugal; apart from Lisbon, there are other cities that will totally blow you away with their richness and beauty: Porto, Braga, Coimbra, Viana do Castelo, Évora, Bragança and some picturesque villages like Piódão. We could compare Portugal to a Picasso painting, because it’s abstract, there’s a lot of good information to absorb, places to go and it’s powerfully beautiful.

Shine On You Crazy Diamond

And here we are, with the greener grass. This great country will keep shining and all the work that has been done is getting improved, better. Portugal has never needed to sell itself; Portugal is that best seller that everyone is looking for when they go to the store.

Created in 1993, the World Travel Awards recognise all those countries that excel in quality standards, which eventually creates a healthy competitiveness among the countries all over the world, and Portugal has proven that becoming a natural winner is its cup of tea.

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Till then, stay tuned.