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The Coolest New Year’s Traditions in Portugal

The Coolest New Year’s Traditions in Portugal

December 27, 2018

The New year‘s Eve in Portugal is celebrating with a lot of fun, entertainment and social moments. The most emblematic cities are expecting millions of national and international visitors and we’ll show you a great picture of this lovely night!

We are almost there and everybody is so excited thinking about how they are going to spend their New Year’s Eve. Think no more. From North to the South Portugal has got excellent choices.

How to celebrate the New Year’s Eve like a Portuguese?

A rich country like Portugal has also got its own traditions and a decent Portuguese will always do one of the following after the 12 strokes:

  • On the first day of January you should take a dive in the ocean
  • Dance around a tree to attract prosperity
  • Jump 3 times with one leg and holding a glass of champagne in one hand at the 12 strokes
  • Eat 3 raisins and ask for three wishes right after the midnight
  • Hold some money in your hand at the 12th stroke


The capital of Portugal has got an immense party planned for everyone in some very special quarters like Graça, Alfama, Mouraria, and S. Vicente. Here you will live this celebration like a Portuguese and you will also feel the essence behind the meaning of being Portuguese.


The beautiful northern city of Porto has got an amazing spectacle of firework at midnight with live music and it is absolutely worth it. Everybody goes to the riverbanks, the city becomes so crowded and nobody actually cares about the cold. A Douro Cruise or Galerias de Paris are other experiences you must try.


McNamara has already approved Nazare and its gigantic waves but we also know that this place always prepares a special night for this time of the year. A lot of people from across the country go to Nazare to have fun and spend the midnight. Live concerts and incredible fireworks near the beach make this night very special in Nazare.


One of the most popular Portuguese destinations among tourists is Algarve. Albufeira, Faro, Quarteira, Tavira or Lagos are some of the most famous areas with great plans for this great occasion. Live concerts and fireworks transform the beach Praia dos Pescadores into a special place to spend the midnight.


On the island everything happens in great style. Our lovely island knows how to welcome tourists with awesome preparations for dinner in its exquisite hotels. When it’s almost midnight everyone goes outside to see one of the most incredible fireworks spectacle in the world, as recognised by the Guinness World Records.


Far from the crowds and great spectacles, a nice a cosy hotel in Douro will soothe your soul. This region is popular for its wine and delicious cuisine and we really think you should enjoy those flavours by a fireplace.


If you are looking for something quieter wait for the 12 strokes at a table while enjoying the best Portuguese wine. Besides, Alentejo is famous for its starry skies that you don’t want to miss.

Serra da Estrela

The mountains are awaiting and Serra da Estrela is ideal for family vacations. We promise this is totally different from what you have seen so far. Calm and quiet, Serra da Estrela invites people to spend the night in one of its adorable chalets or hotels. By the way, the food here is great.


Last but not least. Aveiro - our Portuguese Venice - is this sweet city in the North of Portugal. A travel to Portugal is always a good idea and Aveiro will transform your stay into something exceptional. The historical centre near the river (ria de Aveiro) becomes so beautiful and we promise this will be a different night for you and your friends.

On The Table

You might be asking yourself what we eat on this special night and that is a question with a delicious answer. Our tables are actually full of food and drinks and we keep on eating until midnight and after until we feel exhausted. At dinnertime we normally serve codfish with potatoes and vegetables, and after the main course we should have an enormous menu of desserts like bolo-rei (King-Cake), rabanadas (known as French Toast), aletria (a type of sweet noodles), arroz-doce (rice pudding), and pudim (pudding).

We have two wonderful tours planned for you so you don’t need to spend more time thinking about what to do next and where to go: Our New Year’s Eve in Porto tour is a four-day-tour with promised emotion; and our New Year’s Eve in Lisbon tour includes nice visits to the most emblematic areas of the capital and, of course, a special December 31st.

As you can see we celebrate it in great style and food is something we really appreciate at our tables while having a good time with family and friends. Réveillon is coming and we already know how we are going to celebrate it. The New Year in Portugal sounds like an excellent idea. Can you resist it?