Is Portugal a Top Culinary Destination? Try These 10 Must-Eat Dishes!
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Is Portugal a Top Culinary Destination? Try These 10 Must-Eat Dishes!

Is Portugal a Top Culinary Destination? Try These 10 Must-Eat Dishes!

October 22, 2018

It’s hard to speak about Portuguese food, it’s better to enjoy it. Mixing a beautiful variety of colors and textures, be ready to gain some extra calories during your journey. Guide your senses through this yummy list!

A delicious feast at our table. This is how we should define the so-rich Portuguese Gastronomy. Take a look at what we have specially selected for you and start preparing your next travel to Portugal.

Sardinha Assada

Highly celebrated and easy to fall in love with, our grilled sardines are so popular in June that we even have various festivities and contests happening during this month to praise one of our most famous dishes. We are proud to say that we can eat good quality fish almost every day at a very reasonable price because we have the Atlantic Ocean just right here giving us this marvellous food. Is there a better way to honour how gifted we are? On June 12th and 13th we have a festivity in Lisbon called Santo António and from this date onwards the sardines are present in all summer festivities.


A very delicious and mouth-watering sandwich made of pork and also not expensive at all that will be easy to find any festivity you go. Normally the bread is of really good quality, crunchy and yummy, and the meat is seasoned with different spices like paprika, garlic, white wine and a modest quantity of salt. If you serve it with a cold beer you will be in heaven in less than five seconds. Porto is the right place to visit and if you want to feel like a local, you really have to try. Book an incredible Private Tour through the Northern Capital of Portugal and he can guide you through the best and most typical restaurants.

Arroz de Marisco

This is our royal dish. Some restaurants close to the sea serve the Seafood Rice in an impressive and generous pan and I am absolutely sure you will cry for more. This delicious dish is so Portuguese and it is also very easy to find in restaurants in inland cities. For example, if you come to Matosinhos, in Porto, you will see plenty of places serving this brilliant dish whose prices are ideal for everyone.


I promise that after eating our Cataplana you will become completely Portuguese. Basically, this is a big copper pot that serves a generous amount of seafood and other ingredient like potatoes, onions, vegetables and chouriço (sausage), and its ingredients always depend on what the fishermen can catch on that day. This is a comfortable dish that normally serves two people.


It just can’t get more Portuguese than this. The cod fish is our great speciality and we cook in many different ways and they are all tempting. Our treasured dish may be found in many different ways such as: Bacalhau à Brás, Bacalhau à Braga, Bacalhau à Espanhola, Bacalhau com Natas, Bacalhau à Zé do Pipo, and a dozen more. One thing I can assure you: in case of doubt, choose one and you will not regret.

Caldo Verde

Not a so simple soup, Caldo Verde is a complete explosion of flavours in your mouth once you try it. The most popular soup in our country is highly appreciated during the Sardines season and festivities but it is also very comfortable and tasty in winter. Very briefly: we make with dark green cabbage, potatoes, chouriço (sausage) and drizzle it with olive oil.


The most popular dish from Porto has become very famous among tourists as well. There are no complaints about this dish. It is made as a big sandwich with different kinds of meat, an egg and melted cheese on top, and a special sauce, which is what makes it exclusive. Literally, when translated, it means ‘Little French Girl’ and some people say it was brought to Porto by an immigrant returning from France. Serve with a cold beer and French fries. I mean, luscious calories all the way. But we can challenge you even more: try a delicious Francesinha on board! Yes, it is possible. Enjoy a lovely Cruise through the Douro River and relish this typical dish. And this cruise also includes live music. Just…charming!

Polvo à Lagareiro

Originally from Bragança, this awesome octopus dish makes our tables more interesting than ever. It is called Lagareiro because it is generously served with the best olive oil and also some baked potatoes aside. Its preparation is practically feasible and you just need to get the right and fresh ingredients. This might become your favourite dish forever.

Porco Preto

Strong flavoured but incredibly yummy, this dish - Black Pork - is made of a kind of pork found in Alentejo. This kind of pork also gives us a very exquisite ham and our typical restaurants are full of it and they are normally called Secretos. Choose our Private Tour through Alentejo and let our guide lead you through the most typical flavours of this region!

Frango Piri-Piri

We eat it every week because we are going to watch a match with our friends, or it’s someone’s birthday, or we simply don’t know what to make for dinner. Our chicken piri-piri is cheap and super savoury. It never fails. It is normally served with French fries, rice, and a salad. Simple as you think. Throughout the country you find many churrascarias selling Frango Piri-Piri and you may see some Portuguese people eating the chicken with the hands because it is cut in a way that it makes it easier for us to eat this way.

And this is our yummy list with 10 impressive dishes for you to try the next time you visit Portugal. Our Gastronomy might be the most interesting in the whole world due to its variety of flavours and ingredients.