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Why the Rural Portugal Stole our Heart

Why the Rural Portugal Stole our Heart

August 01, 2018

From green fields, schist villages or fairy tale castles – find out which rural villages and towns have been marked in our travel list. Some of them may surprise you!

Here is a thing: rural Portugal is trendy and ready to steal everyone’s hearts. So if you’re looking for more peaceful vacations away from the crowds this is definitely a good option. Check our list below and choose your next destination.


Lamego is slowly becoming popular among tourists who travel to Portugal and we couldn’t feel prouder of it. With a strong presence of the influence of the Catholic Church, Lamego is now a wonderful place with magnificent temples to be visited and admired. As it is close to the margins of Douro River, so you can always enjoy pleasant boat rides and even explore a little bit more the valleys where Port Wine is produced. In our Douro Charming Tour, we’ll explore this gorgeous treasure placed in the middle of a famous wine region.


Vila Nova da Barquinha has got all the reasons to feel proud. The Castle of Almourol is situated in an islet in the middle of Tejo River and this is one of the most iconic monuments that represent the Christian Reconquista. During Middle Ages this castle was used to defend the territory but when the Templar Knight became extinct, the castle was abandoned and forgotten for years. It was later recovered in the XIX century. Our Templars Tour can give you a brilliant overview of it.


And another prize should be given to the beautiful village of Torrão, in Alcácer do Sal. It is known by its simple houses of light colours and typical chimneys and it is great for those who enjoy spending some good time in the middle of Nature and appreciate plentiful landscapes. Torrão is an old place because its legacy started in pre-History as you will be able to witness during a walk. A Roman bridge and temple can be visited as well.

Aldeia da Pena

Green and precious is how we define our next stop. Aldeia da Pena, in São Pedro do Sul, is a shale village with only ten houses and six inhabitants. Almost no one knows about this place but this little secret of ours is a splendid work of art. It’s ‘hidden’ in the middle of flowers and bushes. This is probably the most beautiful village we have in Portugal. It’s completely worth it!


Dark green and brown are the colours that totally describe this village. When you visit Cerdeira the first thing that will pop in your mind will be those tales of fairies and beautiful creatures. It is a magical scenery with shale houses and clay soil.

Casal de São Simão

This little village is just the most adorable thing. It only takes you five minutes to visit it. This village has only got one street and there is also a path that leads you to the beach. This looks like something very simple and it is indeed.


When you visit Monsanto, in Idanha-a-Nova, you feel like you are literally inside a medieval movie. Monsanto is a beautiful intersection between Nature and some geographical ‘accidents’ done by men.

Ferreira do Zêzere

The most curious thing about Ferreira do Zêzere is its lovely village of Dornes. With many legends associated to it, Dornes is a picturesque village with a wonderful church built in the XIII century and the interior of the church is even more outstanding. Also the Templar Tower of Dornes catches the eye because of its five-shaped tower. It was built 72bC and its purpose was to defend the Tagus line. Join our Templars Tour will lead you to this magnificent place.


Surrounded by Nature, Piódão is famous for its shale and slate houses. Its architectonic heritage is of extreme beauty. In Historical terms Piódão is known for having been a hiding place for some politicians for several reasons and that is how the village started growing in popularity.

Now that we have given you all the reasons to visit Portugal, we recommend you prepare a nice list with the destinations that you found more interesting. Holidays in Portugal can be exciting and magical and our rural Portugal is bright and must be celebrated.