Southern Portugal: the Beaches, the Culture and the Countryside!
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Southern Portugal: the Beaches, the Culture and the Countryside!

Southern Portugal: the Beaches, the Culture and the Countryside!

August 08, 2018

The Southern Portugal is a hiding treasure, with seemingly endless series of finest beaches, pure and (almost) untouchable Nature, villages and small places full of History and Culture. Discover now!

If we divide Portugal into two parts, we have the North and the South. Despite being a small country, Portugal is big in excellence. We have famous beaches, a rich culture and a splendid countryside that promises to sooth anyone’s soul. And now we’ll take a look at the Southern part of this incredible country!


It is the last or the first region of Portugal, it only depends on your perspective, but Algarve is a marvellous region if you spend your holidays in Portugal. It is all about good food, great hotels and warm and clean beaches. Algarve is that place everyone knows, and these are the reasons. Apart from the beach, the best European destination for all holiday-makers has got some other interesting places like the picturesque village of Cacela Velha, the Natural Park of Ria Formosa, the lovely city of Tavira, the Castle of Silves, the adorable streets of Faro and the attractive city of Lagos. While in Algarve, do not forget to enjoy a nice meal with your friends or family. In Algarve you can always have great gastronomic experience, trust me. Just try a fish dish, any one, and then you will see how right I am.


We all know Alentejo has got high temperatures in summer and so it is becoming a destination for young people and immigrants who want to spend the rest of their lives in Portugal. Alentejo is absolutely gorgeous, it is cheap and everything is good here. The food is possibly the best one can find and its people are warmly welcoming. But if you want to spend some days at the beach you should know that the beaches here will steal your heart forever. Tróia Galé, Samoqueira, São Torpes, Furnas, and Almograve are just some examples of paradisiac beaches of Alentejo. Once in Alentejo, you should try the famous açorda, the tomato soup, and the roasted lamb. In a place like Alentejo there is no such thing called stress and this is also part of their culture. One thing at a time, but until then let’s enjoy our days slowly and well.


Setubal is great. It has got the most beautiful beaches of Portugal, it is close to Lisbon, and we all go there to eat a well-served dish of sardines or cuttlefish. You will simply not regret. Moreover, the Portuguese have the culture of going to the beach with friends or with the family, and afterwards we go to a restaurant or to a bar and have some fun. As it is in our blood, we always know where to go and what to do but let me share with you some of these beautiful spots. The so famous beaches are Costa da Caparica, Sesimbra, Arrábida, Galapinhos, California, and Galapos. Full of young people walking around and becoming almost instantly more alive, Setubal is a perfect destination for those who expect some calm days while enjoying delicious meals and good wine.


Looking for a more cosmopolitan option? Lisbon should be in your list. We do not need to advertise the city, right? But since this article is about beaches and countryside, let me give you more details about it.  The city of Lisbon is fantastic: it has a mixture of both modern and old penetrating your eyes in a very transcendent way. Lisbon is magic. That’s it. Let’s start with the beaches: Carcavelos, Cascais, Guincho and Ericeira are some of them and you can easily access them by bus.

The best way to absorb the best from Lisbon is also by going to other places we have been hiding from you. There is Sintra, which looks like one of those places we see in fairy tales; then there is Mafra, a small village with a magnificent convent; and Torres Vedras, the village of the most famous Carnival in Portugal. Last but not least, and as I always love to share a bit of this with you, the food! The À Brás Codfish, the bifana, and the Pastel de Belém, are just some of those things you should really try.

And that is it. The South has a lot to explore and to be seen and when you book your next travel to Portugal, do not forget to check these but also other interesting cities or regions. And our Southern Portugal Tour is a very interesting start: enjoy 4 lovely days and discover the best of this beautiful part of Portugal.

Come and visit our contry with all your heart and please keep your expectations high!