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The Best Food & Drinks for Your Holidays in Portugal

The Best Food & Drinks for Your Holidays in Portugal

March 18, 2015

The Portuguese Gastronomy is so rich… we travelled through this country and we found the best Food and Drinks for your Holidays in Portugal!

The Portuguese Gastronomy is one of the world's best. From meat to fish, from the Mediterranean Diet to seafood, the Cuisine in Portugal is one of the biggest treasures to discover. Just try to imagine what you are losing…

The British newspaper The Telegraph travelled around this small country and selected the Top five of foods and drinks that you should taste during your holiday. Do not waste time and enjoy them now!

The Food and Drinks in Portugal

Discovering Portugal means to taste one of the most typical, delicious and diverse Cuisines in the world. Everyone that can have the opportunity to taste these unique delicacies remains a fan of Portugal for the entire life!

In the Portuguese countryside, you can find the most traditional meat dishes. They are strong seasoned dishes, with a very robust flavour and a divine and typical smell. From the pig to the cow wild meat, the menu is plentiful and certainly delicious.

But if you will travel through the coast, fish is a great option. With an enviable Atlantic coast, Portugal has a huge variety of fish and seafood, which you will want to taste. From the Minho Region to the south of Algarve, this diversity is so immense that you will be glad for exploring all these flavours.

In order to simplify the choice for your holiday menu, and according to the suggestions of the British newspaper The Telegraph - which sent its best experts to travel through Portugal - we show the best Portuguese food and drinks for your holidays.

Douro Wine Region: discovering the divine Port Wine

One of the main stops in Portugal is, undoubtedly, the Douro Valley. This Wine Region has been in the spotlight because here is produced one of the most acclaimed wines of 2014, the majestic Port Wine. And through the unique beauty of natural landscapes, the Douro River emerges as the main character of this incredible spectacle.

During a trip through this Region, considered World Heritage by UNESCO, you can visit several wineries and taste this so appreciated Port Wine.

And in the city of Porto, the advice from the expert team of the newspaper is clear: be hosted at the Yeatman Hotel. In 2014, this Hotel was considered The Best Wine Tourism Hotel in the world. And they also emphasize its Wine Cellar, which is the most embracing in the world, its location on the edge of the traditional Port Wine Cellar, its rooms with books and maps about the country's wines and its pool leaning over the Douro River.

Furthermore its restaurant, which is a Michelin Star since 2012, is a pearl and here you can taste some typical delicacies, from the crustacean soup to roast octopus.

Alentejo: combining the best wine and the local Gastronomy

The Telegraph newspaper also highlights the plains of the Alentejo Region. Here born the traditional porco preto, or black pig, the famous olives and is where the sheep's milk is produced. In addition, you have to taste the chestnuts, the wild mushrooms and the “migas de espargos” (black pig with local asparagus).

If you are fan of regional products, you must visit Alentejo. And if you will be traveling around April 2015, you will have the chance to join the Alentejo Festival of Food & Wine, which shows the best restaurants and producers of the Region.

This Region also produces good Portuguese wines! And so, this is the perfect place to taste the refined wine from Alentejo. In fact, the Alentejo region was considered the World's Best Wine Region to visit. Explore the typical wineries and vineyards and learn about the varieties of Portuguese grapes. It will be an unforgettable experience! Just enjoy and taste some local fruits like oranges, figs and pomegranates.

Ria Formosa: the true capital of Seafood

And if you like seafood, then you really must visit Ria Formosa, located in Olhão (Algarve). Here, the clams and mussels finding is very common. The warm waters of the Ria Formosa are a paradise for this kind of seafood, as well as oysters, cuttlefish and octopuses. Just stroll through the market of Olhão and you will be seduced.

And if you are travelling through this Region on August, you will have the opportunity to join the fantastic Annual Seafood Festival, the best seafood festival in the world.