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Spotlight on: the Most Charming Castles in Portugal

Spotlight on: the Most Charming Castles in Portugal

March 01, 2018

A country steeped in History, Portugal has gorgeous and imposing castles for you to explore. Step away from our golden beaches for a while and prepare a medieval trip!

Castles, once the great houses of those who fought for a country, and magical places that tell hundreds of stories of kings and queens. Portugal has dozens of them and we chose seven for you to visit and dream big.

Castle of Guimarães

This was where it all began, the foundation of the Portuguese kingdom. This castle is undoubtedly linked to the military history of the country, which was where great and heroic battles were fought due to the threatened interest of Castile. This castle is enormous and its visit is a pleasant surprise. Allow yourself to dream big during a visit we have prepared for you with our private tour through Braga and Guimarães.

Castle of Mouros (Sintra)

Oh, beautiful Sintra, a dreamy place with a magnificent castle. Between rocks, outstanding landscapes and flowery paths, this VIII century castle passed from hand to hand, starting with the moors and ending with being taken by the first king of Portugal – D. Afonso Henriques. Sadly, this castle was abandoned when was no longer considered strategically important, as there was nothing else to protect in Sintra. In 1940, the Mouros Castle was restored for the last time and it is now a huge part of the Portuguese History. Come visit this castle and feel like a king or queen for a day. Our group tour is planned to take you to these incredible places: Sintra, Cascais and Estoril.

Castle of Almourol (Santarém)

The most beautiful castle in Portugal is completely superb. Erected on an island, on a granite outcrop, this castle is definitely a gift for the eyes. Also of great importance for the Portuguese History, its architectural structure goes back to a time of strength, but also of mystery and romanticism. Similar to other castles, this one also lost its strategic interest after the Christian Reconquista and the extinction of the Knights Templar. Our Route of the Templars Tour will take you to the most interesting sites of the Order of the Templars in Portugal and this incredible castle is part of it.

Castle of Santa Maria da Feira

Emblematic castle of medieval architecture, this castle was extremely important during the Reconquista and the independence of the Portuguese county. However, this region was already habited since the prehistoric era. In the XVIII century this castle was abandoned after a terrible fire, which was reason enough to be abandoned for long years. During the XX century, the castle was restored and it is now visited by hundreds of tourists.

Castle of Bragança

Classified as National Monument, this castle has been improved and restored over the years, which makes it one of the most interesting and well-preserved castles in Portugal. Erected in 1187, this castle was of great importance back in time because the Celts used it for strategic purposes, until the Romans conquered it. Its 33 meters in height allow you an amazing view over this small, bucolic and beautiful city.

Castle of Marvão

This impressive and well-preserved XIII century castle is located in Marvão, Portalegre. The village around owns an extraordinary and rare beauty and its mountains were once used as a military strategic location and refuge by the Romans. It’s not easy to reach to this colossal castle, because it’s situated on the top of the mountain range, which was natural at that time of great defences, but once you get there, you’ll be amazed by what you can see. It’s such a high altitude that even Spain is slightly sighted from this place. Can you imagine its grandeur?

Castle of São Jorge

Right on the highest hill of Lisbon, there is this lovely castle from where you can have a terrific view of the city. All the Portuguese castles tell stories and this one has a good one to share. Fortified and used by the moors as a means of defence, it was conquered by the first king of Portugal in 1147, after being surrounded for three months. Lisbon, our beloved capital, simply becomes more remarkable with this castle, which offers a prodigious view of the city. Take a chance to visit the museum where you can see some objects that go back to these glorious times of the Portuguese Kingdom.

These seven castles already make a nice list, but Portugal has other surprising castles for you to see: Castle of Arnoia, Castle of Lindoso, Castle of Miranda do Douro, Castle of Montalegre, Castle of Porto de Mós, Castle of Tomar, and many more stunning castles that you must not miss. Come and enjoy your next medieval holidays in Portugal!