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The romantic trinity of Portugal

The romantic trinity of Portugal

May 05, 2017

The romantic trinity of Portugal: we found the most romantic and dreamy three places in this country!

Romance can be found in all of Portugal. Lovers are found out and about, on weekend getaways, vacations, Sunday afternoons… blending with green landscapes, extensions of gold sand meeting the waves, historic downtowns.

To narrow down the list of romantic places is indeed a tough task. Nonetheless some sites have an unattainable sentiment attached to them that is simply alluring, irresistible even.

Douro Valley

Wine and romance? How can one deny that it is the perfect combination? Throw in some beautiful green landscapes, hills adorned with terraces and vineyards lining up perfectly with the river – there will be no shortage of romance, the country side was never as seductive.

Located in the north of Portugal and home of the Port Wine, the Douro Valley offers some of Portugal’s most breathtaking landscapes and a great variety of fine wine. To top it off, based on local products, the Douro cuisine is one of intense flavors and authenticity.

The Douro Valley combines the essential ingredients for a picture-perfect romantic date.


The irreverent architecture of the Pena Palace, only accessible through the immensity of its slightly intimidating gardens, conveys the perfect touch of mystery that is sure to spice your romantic date. The unique beauty of this site is striking and to walk amidst the trees or to stand in the palace grounds starring down at the immensity of green makes up for a perfect day with your significant other.

Right in the surroundings of Lisbon, Sintra is a site of undeniable charm, a perfect chance to enjoy the fresh air and the natural landscape with your date.

The extravagant Quinta da Regaleira also offers a great scenario for a couple to spend their date. The gothic details in the facades of the building combined with the delicateness of the surrounding gardens set up the perfect romantic scenario.

Costa Vicentina

The Vicentina Coast is a protected site, a jaw-dropping natural landscape extending for over 100 kilometers from Odeceixe to Burgau. The sequence of “arribas” makes up for a perfect spot for lovers to spend their vacations or to go on a weekend getaway. The landscape is truly stunning, a place where grand rocky cliffs and golden beaches come together with the vastness of Atlantic blue.

A less-explored site, perfect for those who are looking for a relaxed, more secluded beach spot.

We strongly advise you to stop at Praia do Amado – Beach of the Loved One - in Carrapateiro or at Zambujeira do Mar. Sit back and enjoy the sunset in the company of your beloved one.