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20 Things I Love When Travelling Through Portugal

20 Things I Love When Travelling Through Portugal

April 17, 2018

Portugal is a trendy destination and the “perfect” heaven for thousands of international tourists. For this reason, I’ve compiled a list with the best reasons why everyone should travel to this incredible country. Come and check for yourself!

When you visit Portugal you’re not visiting a random country. The culture, gastronomy, the people and landscapes make of this country the best place to have a good time. Check out now the 20 reasons why!

The People

The Portuguese people are absolutely the cosiest people in the world. No matter where you go or what you want, they will always give you both hands. Besides, they’re fun, they may speak more than two languages, and they are so unleashed that they can build a boat in two minutes if you need (ok, probably exaggerating here but you get the idea, right?).

The Food

We can have such a varied table full of vegetables, amazing game meat or fish dishes, the best wine in the world and the desserts will take you to heaven. The truth is that Portugal is geographically well positioned, and this leads us to a world of different flavours and rich dishes. You really must try one of the best Gastronomies in the entire world!

The Typical Streets

Portugal is so ancient and medieval that tourists find its streets so inspirational that they always think they’re worth a nice picture. The coolest part is that you can visit cities such as Lisbon, Porto, Braga, Guimarães or Coimbra and you’ll never stop being impressed.

Here (Almost) Everything is Cheap!

Or at least it’s not too pricey. Eating, sleeping and travelling through Portugal is not expensive at all and, whilst summer may be a little bit more expensive, the truth is that this country has so much to offer and to be seen in the other seasons. Travel to one of the cheapest European countries!

The Sea

90% surrounded by water, one can imagine how ideal this country is for living or for spending the next holidays. With the most attractive beaches in Europe, our sea also brings us an enormous variety of fish of high quality.

Lisbon, the Capital

Of course, the capital is our city of different colours, of so many and beautiful landscapes. Tourists love Lisbon for different reasons and it is perfect for any type of Tourism.

The Romance

Sintra is the most romantic city in Portugal and when tourists visit it they are taken to those fairy-tales of Kings and Queens and romantic adventures. In addition, the Portuguese know how to flirt and how to spread the charm. Just fall in love in Portugal!

Porto, the Northern City

Authentic and unique, the ‘capital’ of the North is one of the reasons why the country is now so trendy!

The Nightlife

A trip to Lisbon, Porto or Algarve deserves a night out. Enjoy a delicious traditional meal in a local restaurant (in Lisbon you can also watch a Fado show during your dinner) and then explore the centre of the cities by going to cafés or pubs. Summer nights are especially memorable.


Tourists often get impressed how the Portuguese can speak English or French so well, because the local language is so different from those. We are patriotic – no doubt about that – but we love to absorb the culture of the world and that’s definitely part of our personality as Portuguese.

Vinho Verde (the famous “Green Wine”)

Have you ever tried a fresh glass of this wine with a traditional codfish dish? If not, come to Portugal and have yourself this little pleasure.

Santa Justa Elevator

An elevator in the middle of the historic city of Lisbon gets the full attention of the tourists due to its far-fetched design.

Pastéis de Nata

These pastries are so famous that tourists always want to go to Belém (Lisbon) and they even wait in the long queue to buy them. They’re not expensive at all and… do you want a Portuguese tip? Put cinnamon on top of them and eat them while they’re hot.

The Perfect Coffee

Or expresso. The Portuguese like it short and hot and 3 times a day, at least. This is a country of coffee culture and you will see the Portuguese drinking one when socialising or simply because they need to stop for two minutes. It’s our fuel and… here it is cheap!

The Gerês Mountain

A gigantic place in the North of Portugal which is only a secret for tourists. The Portuguese have already been choosing Gerês as an interesting place for holidays in the middle of Nature.

The language

Not easy but charming and some words are worldwide known. For example, everybody knows what obrigado means, or bom dia. Our culture was taken beyond seas and there’s a little bit of our culture in all places.


Everywhere. It doesn’t matter where you go, you will always see a statue in the middle of a roundabout or in a square. Normally, these statues represent important male figures or pieces of our history.


They’re modern and old. Tiles are now a fashionable thing and you may see them in many different colours on the frontage of a house or in restaurants as decorative ornaments.

Baixa (Downtown)

In Porto or Lisbon, downtown is definitely where the heart of the city is and everything happens there.

The style

The Portuguese like to dress well but the most important thing is to dress comfortably because lives here are busy. You may see women wearing jeans or dresses, and men wearing buttoned-woollen shirts with either dark or light-coloured trousers.

Have you ever been to Portugal? If not, consider the list above and make your trip even more interesting by checking all these details. You can also check our Top Tours and discover the best of this country!