Smart Traveling: Thing To Be Careful With While Traveling in Portugal
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Smart Traveling: Thing To Be Careful With While Traveling in Portugal

Smart Traveling: Thing To Be Careful With While Traveling in Portugal

July 25, 2018

Traveling abroad is fun and awesome, but with that comes also a certain risk. Portugal is a safe country but we still have some great advices that will maximize your experience here, without worries!

We really want you to feel safe and have the most out of this amazing country. Portugal is a safe place to visit and tourists do not need to be scared with anything. However, there are still some things we would like you to consider.

Public Transportation

You and your friends want to go downtown, visit a museum, or have dinner at one of the most special restaurants in town but you don’t know how to go. The most important Portuguese cities have all sort of transportation for you to move from one place to another without worries. We suggest you take the bus or metro because public transportation is way cheaper, safe, and they work quite decently. Nevertheless, we also have taxis covering the most important areas of the cities, but this option might be a little bit more expensive. Still, if your destination is not far from the point where you are at, we suggest you take a walk until the place you want to go. This way you can appreciate the city at its best and enjoy the amazing lights our cities have. Portugal is indeed a unique country that you do not want to miss.

Public Transportation in Portugal is a big thing and many locals prefer it to cars

Exploring Our Landmarks

Your budget is tight but still you don’t want to miss the very best of Portugal? It’s ok, no problem. Your travel to Portugal is not ruined. This time you may not have enough money to explore our museums or have some fancier experiences such as wine tasting or hot air balloon trips, but you can still visit the most important streets that really are what give our cities their importance, the details in buildings façades are perfect for fantastic insta stories, our long avenues full of history will inspire you, and our people will make you feel at home.

Besides all this, take some time to look for some walking tours because our guides are highly specialized people who normally speak more than two languages and that will help you having an extremely interesting tour. Ah, and don’t forget to buy some souvenirs. Normally in the city centres you can easily find some stores selling these gifts at a very low price.

Taking a walk in Portugal will allow you to discover the most amazing landmarks

Keep Your Belongings Safe

Ok, we have already said that Portugal is a safe country and it is obvious that you will never feel the opposite thing, but you must keep your belongings safe and close to you. So we recommend you use a travel belt wallet with you and only carry the most important things like some cash, ID card, and cell phone. Pickpockets might be around - even if they are only a few - and this way you have your things with you and there is nothing you need to worry about. And make sure your cell phone is fully charged – you will use it a lot to register some memorable moments in photos.

Portugal is a safe country to travel to, but never forget to keep your belongings close


In summer Portugal has high temperatures and we usually see that our tourists get some sunburns. So, just to avoid these uncomfortable situations, always bring an SPF30 sunscreen (at least!) in your luggage. Summer starts in June but starting from April until October we may have some high temperatures that are great for perfect barbecues with friends, fresh drinks in an esplanade, and wonderful walks around the cities. Just protect your skin from sunbeams by using sunscreen and drinking water.

Take Some Cash With You

We have all had problems with cards, right? Either debit or credit cards. So, to avoid embarrassing situations always withdraw some money from the ATM or exchange money before flying. These are not common problems, but we want to enjoy your stay and feel free to go to a restaurant without thinking of a possible problem. If you carry cash with you, you are sure that will never be a problem and another great thing is that you don’t need to walk with a lot of money in Portugal because this is not an expensive country, at all.

Portugal is an amazing sunny place so always carry some sunscreen with you

As we are always concerned with our tourists’ interests when they visit Portugal, we have decided to give you this list of things you need to be extra careful with when spending your holidays in Portugal. We really hope you get the most out of this wonderful country.