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Tips for Hiking & Trekking in Portugal

Tips for Hiking & Trekking in Portugal

January 02, 2014

Portugal offers perfect opportunities for hikings. From beginners to professionals, check out our useful advices for a perfect trip. The Portuguese trails are waiting for us!

Ready for hiking? Feeling the smell of fresh air, walking through a real natural beauty… That's indescribable, isn’t it? Probably, you are not such an outdoors person as we are, but you can’t get around the fact that Portugal has a lot of potential for hiking and trekking trips.

Even if you are not a nature person yet, we think you should give it a try now. We are sure that you will be amazed by Portugal’s beautiful Nature and its hiking trails. And for the beginners, we have useful hiking tips!

Hiking Trips: the beginners on trail

On springtime and summer, lots of people give hiking a try. And, in fact, there is nothing better than feeling ourselves in the middle of the Nature. In addition, hiking make us to exceed our boundaries and, decidedly, make us out of the rut!

But attention! Prepare your hike before taking the route. For the beginners, we have some helpful advices. Here are some tips for the beginning hiker:

1 - Hiking alone is not preferable when you are a beginner. We advise you to have at least one partner with you and more preferable a group of people, for security reasons if something happens. You can easily sprain an ankle or get dehydrated. Then there is someone to help you out.

2 - If you are making a long hike, you should let someone know where you are going. Maybe tell the local park ranger which route you are going to take. And for the modern hikers amongst us, consider bringing your mobile phone. Might become handy!

3 - Short distances and tracks are advised for beginning hikers. Make sure you know the trail before you begin and you know the difficulties up front. After you get a little more experienced, you can move on and hike some longer and more difficult tracks.

4 - Comfortable clothing is really important. If it is hot, make sure you wear light clothing. If it is cold, make sure all your layers of clothes can be easily removed, in case if it gets hot or you have to remove them.

5 - Good hiking shoes is another thing you will really need. So make sure you wear good hiking shoes adapted on the trail. On a flat hike, sneakers would do the trick. But when you go on a difficult and long hike, make sure you wear some hiking boots; they support your ankle and are easy to move over rocks or so.

6 - Preparation is our final and probably most important advice of them all. Make sure you drink enough water so you won’t dehydrate. Take some snacks with you, too, preferably some nutritious energy bars. Never take risks if you are not sure of the trail. That is why preparation is very important. Get to now the track.

We hope these tips can help you out on your first hiking tour. Make sure you have lots of fun and remember: be careful and prepare your trip well.

How can I make a remarkable Hiking Tour?

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