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Top 10 Spring Break Getaways in Portugal

Top 10 Spring Break Getaways in Portugal

February 22, 2018

March is the unofficial month for a splendid getaway. With Spring time arriving, the shining Portugal is a notable option for a blast of sunlight to recharge your soul until summer. We picked our top Spring Break destination to guide you!

Oh, spring is that season everyone’s waiting for. It brings joy, love and colours to our lives and Portugal gets even more romantic and pleasant. Keep reading the article to find out more about these 10 incredible places but keep your heart safe because it’s about to burst into great awe.


Starting with the capital, this city is an amazing place to explore due to its offer. Lisbon has the nicest hotels, great food, and its landscapes are absolutely “wow”. If you love History, you should know that Lisbon exists since the XII century b.C and a walk in the streets will make you feel like a warrior. To discover the best spots of Lisbon, you can choose our Lisbon City Break and our friendly guide will lead you through a marvellous private trip.


Another reason why tourists love Portugal: Porto. Have you heard about the Port Wine? Yes, this city has tones of it and you can also visit the famous Wine Cellars. This experience must be done among with others: Lello bookshop, wine tasting, a helicopter tour, and a big and satiating francesinha, a local dish.  Enjoy a Porto Getaway with us.


Wild, sylvan and adorable Sintra. This place will totally blow your mind away. It looks like a fairy tale due to the palaces you can find there and the whole picturesque landscape. Just wear your most comfortable trainers and clothes and enjoy the trip to the most gorgeous place in Portugal.


Right in the middle of Alentejo, this rural town meets Nature and crafts and this is really a must-see. In Beja you might have a peculiar and bucolic version of Portugal because of the houses, the people and the food. In Beja everything is robust and good, and this place will definitely make you feel at home and in peace.


The town of the archbishops is in significant development and it’s now a great point of interest for tourists. The centre of Braga is adorned with the most amazing churches from centuries ago and emblematic cafés that tell stories: Vianna, A Brasileira and Astória are those famed cafés. Make sure you book a trip to this ancient Roman city.


Considered as the best place to live in Portugal, Viseu has a lot to be discovered by you. This city will comfort your soul with a tour to its centre. When in Viseu, make sure you go to the green Gardens of Paço Episcopal of Fontelo, the astonishing Cathedral of Viseu, the megalithic necropolis of Pedralta and the Roman Wall.


Guimarães is clean, tidy and sophisticated and in spring becomes even more glamorous. The flowers planted in the city centre give Guimarães a unique charm and it’s for sure an adorable city. It’s ancient and also the cradle of Portugal, because this land was the magnificent place where the country was born. Yes, it started right here!


Our Portuguese Venice is fresh and it’s a place for lovers but also for enthusiasts for boat trips and art. Go straight ahead in Lourenço Peixinho Avenue and at the end you’ll find an estuary with moliceiros (local boats). Reserve some time to enjoy the buildings of Art Noveau, which are something different from what you’ve seen and a perfect idea for a picture for posteriority.


Right in the South of Portugal, Faro is the capital of Algarve. This city is wonderfully preserved and it’s an extreme pity that it doesn’t get as many tourists as the other beach destinations. It’s full of plazas, historical places, museums, and it also has a wonderful marina. Take a chance to visit the Faro island and the Ria Formosa Natural Park.


And, of course, our beloved Douro. A fertile land of a promising future where farmers from all ages have been dedicating their lives into a great harvest of the most delicious fruits, vegetables, cereals and grapes that later make the sweet and famed Port Wine. However, Douro has a lot more to be seen: Peso da Régua, Pinhão, and Lamego are locals that are worth a visit and the landscapes are undoubtedly phenomenal.

This is a selection of then getaways in Portugal that were purposely chosen to provoke you a feeling of total passion for this country. From the North to the South, Portugal has unique experiences reserved for you.