Travel Trends: Portugal is Becoming an Interesting Shopping Destination
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Travel Trends: Portugal is Becoming an Interesting Shopping Destination

Travel Trends: Portugal is Becoming an Interesting Shopping Destination

April 05, 2018

Shopaholic Alert! There’s a new trending tourism type increasing in Portugal!

Yes, it’s all about shopping. Today we leave you this list with the best shopping Portuguese cities and destinations for your ultimate shopping tour!

Lisbon Shopping Destination

Lisbon has its tourism growing day-by-day and the shops are no exception. If you appreciate strolling around and visit emblematic places but also go shopping, Lisbon is perfect. The capital has a lot of open-air shops at the low and older part of the city, Baixa. A lot of international shops are located there, this historic district vibrates with the architecture of 18th Century with a kick of modernity. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to find vintage and thrift shops nearby, so if you’re looking for that special item, Lisbon may be just your place.

For a haut-couture luxury shopping tourism, Avenida da Liberdade should be your destination number one. The most expensive brands are located right in the avenue and some of the most emblematic buildings too. Furthermore, one of the biggest parks in Lisbon is placed at the top of this magnificent avenue. Beautiful photos plus awesome shopping time!

If you’re more of a shopping centre vibe, Lisbon has a lot of options for you too. Colombo is one of the biggest shopping centers in the country and there you’ll find almost everything you need. And if you visit Amoreiras Shopping you’re able to have a panoramic 360º view over the city. Another great tip is to visit Vasco Da Gama Shopping Centre since it’s close to the rail station and the Tagus River. The perfect mix between commodity and shopping.

Algarve Shopping Destination

If you’re traveling through the famous South of Portugal, your shopping destination is Algarve. If you search for a classic shopping centre, Albufeira is the most obvious answer. But if you want a splash of the South come to Faro, Forum Algarve, a semi open-air shopping with luxury brands and the more common ones.

Another great thing is if you like to buy traditional products as olive oil, canned tuna and sardines, liquors and the incredible honey, Algarve is also your place. A great example of that is Tavira, a city full of traditional and vintages shops and with a shopping centre too.

The great thing about shopping in Portugal is the quality-price correlation of the products. Usually cheaper than the rest of Europe and with higher quality. Algarve is the living proof of that relation.

Porto Shopping Destination

Your Portugal shopping Tour isn’t finished until you visit the emblematic Porto. This city is the new trendy destination for shopaholics. For those who cannot live without a shopping centre, NorteShopping is there for you.

But for those who want an open-air experience, there are a lot of great options for you too. Rua das Flores is the new “in” shopping stop, but you also have the traditional Santa Catarina Street, the most famed shopping street of the North. And if you want to buy the famous Porto wine, there are a lot of shops that will sell you this unique and delicious nectar. You can also buy a lot of traditional products, such as Portuguese guitars (a lot of celebrities come to Portugal to buy them), canned products, souvenirs, cork products and so on, but also cosmetics, jewelry and vintage clothes are there for you too. Meet the local and the modern while shopping in Portugal!