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6 Unique Portuguese Beaches to Visit This Year

6 Unique Portuguese Beaches to Visit This Year

May 01, 2018

Are you looking for the perfect beach for a dream holiday in Portugal? Discover the charming list of most beautiful ones in this country. From North to South, just put down your bath towel and enjoy the sun and the perfection of these places!

This may be a small country in the world, but it is geographically placed to make all the others feel so jealous. Portugal is surrounded by more than 97% of water, which makes this country quite interesting when it comes to beaches.

Check the best beaches we have for you this year!

Zambujeira do Mar

We can say that all Portuguese fancy planning a trip to Costa Vicentina, which is more or less our golden path and where all the beautiful things can bee seen, like Zambujeira. This trip is likely to be done more in summer than during the winter. Zambujeira do Mar is ideal for those who like to surf because its waves are strong, and this leads to perfect conditions for surfing or body boarding. However, it is becoming more famous than that and this tiny place in the southwest of Alentejo also witnesses the coming of younger tourists and even local music festivals. It’s totally worth it for a more radical and different summer.

And once here, you can also discover the wine and cultural side of this Portuguese region. Book our Private Tour through Alentejo and our driver guide will lead you to the best of this land, also called the “breadbasket of Portugal”.

Porto Santo

Looking for something quieter? Porto Santo is the answer you’ve been looking for. This exotic beach is located in Madeira Island – one of our precious islands – and it’s not less famous than all the others. On the contrary, Porto Santo has got warm waters and the blue of the water will take you to a different world. Just imagine a place where you can have a drink of the most tropical fruits while enjoying a sunbath at a calm a warm place. Madeira has plenty of these little surprises that you can’t miss!

Vila Nova de Milfontes

The-finest-coastline-ever! Milfontes contains various beaches whose landscapes are directed to the dramatic and powerful Atlantic Ocean. The surrounded areas include rocky cliffs and clean sands. Milfontes is always a great option for the Portuguese tourists and this shows how great and pleasant it is. Some of the beaches are: Furnas beach, Carreiro das Fazendas beach, Patacho beach, Malhão beach, Aivados beach and Porto Covo beach. You will love all of them!


Continuing our trip through Costa Vicentina, Odeceixe has a wide areal, and the cliffs and the dense vegetation around make it ideal to avoid those annoying windy days. Right in the border between Algarve and Alentejo, this beach is absolutely a gigantic natural piece of art. Situated in the mouth of the river Seixe and surrounded by green and luxurious vegetation, this beach is undoubtedly something special. Don’t you think?

Praia do Guincho

Situated in Lisbon, famous among surfers, and a dramatic scenery make of this beach an intense and worthwhile visit. If you’re looking for something more raw and far from all those touristic spots, Guincho is definitely a wise choice. You may be surprised with the area because it is an unexpected view: it has only got a few dunes and it’s not a first choice when it comes to sunbathing. However, Guincho is perfect for adrenaline seekers or for those who love aquatic sports; it’s also interesting if you’re thinking in taking a walk near the sea. You can take impressive pictures here.


We all know Portugal has got an immense coastline, but our countryside can also be quite bewildering. Azibo is located in Macedo de Cavaleiros, close to Spain, and it’s perfect for families who want to avoid crowded beaches or dangerous waves. Azibo is a fascinating beach on a lake and kids love it. Surrounded by a protected wildlife, the Azibo beach is also a short History lesson as it contains some prehistoric and Roman ruins. Being a Blue Flag Beach, Azibo guarantees amenities and all the good conditions to spend your next holidays there.

Beaches in Portugal are incredible and they all have different features. This article has shown you how Portugal beaches can be stimulating and fulfil our needs, either you come to sunbath or just to appreciate a different and wild trip.

These are the Best Beaches 2018 has to offer you so what exactly are you waiting for?