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So you want to have a winter getaway in Portugal!

So you want to have a winter getaway in Portugal!

December 04, 2016

What a great choice! We give you some stunning tips for an amazing trip through Portugal this winter. And travel now!

What a great choice! Winter is coming in Europe. For some people, is the most depressing time of the year, plenty of rainy days and cloudy weeks. For us, is just another amazing season in Portugal, a land that you can visit all year round.

Do you need some ideas? We can give you stunning tips for your winter getaway in Portugal!

Dress your warm jacket, boots and gloves and travel to Portugal. Yes, in winter the temperatures decrease a little bit but this country remains warm and sunny. The temperature hovers around 15 degrees (20 degrees in some regions) and is the perfect season to explore places that have enchanting cold days and that are crowed during the rest of the year. In addition, the winter here is short and mild, which is so nice!

Here are some good tips for your winter getaway in Portugal!

Skiing in Serra da Estrela

In western Portugal are located the country’s largest mountains. Named Serra da Estrela National Park, it’s not the biggest ski resort ever but it’s close… With four lifts and nine runs, it’s also fantastic if you’re into snowboarding. Or just head to Serra da Estrela and admire the dormant Nature, dressed in a wonderful coat of snow. Impressive!

Relaxing in Algarve

In Southern Portugal, the weather is temperate even in winter. The coast is less crowded and it’s still perfect. Here you can also ditch your winter coat and expose your skin to the warm rays of sun.

Winter is a delightful in Algarve, where you can enjoy the beauty of the surroundings in a relaxed atmosphere. And if you wish a little bit of adrenalin, experience some nice outdoors activities like kayaking, canoeing or golfing. In fact, Portugal was considered the Europe’s best golf destination and Algarve hosts the Portugal Masters competition.

Experiencing New Year’s Eve

Located by the River Tagus, this evening in Lisbon involves a band performing and fireworks to mark the beginning of the new year. It’s an amazing show that you can’t miss. And after the spectacle, about 15-minute walk away, you head to Bairro Alto disctrict, where the characteristic lively nightlife of Lisbon takes place.

And there is also Funchal (Madeira Island), where the fireworks performance of the end of the year is considered one of the most fantastic in the world.

Strolling on the beach

In low season, walking along the beach is particularly pleasant. We suggest Porto Santo (Madeira Island). Here you have almost 9 km of sands with amazing therapeutic properties that your body and mind will love.

Joining a Portuguese Food Tour

Portuguese food is recognized for being abundant and delicious. There is nothing as reassuring on a winter day as a warm, just cooked and typical meal. And if you join some world-famous Portuguese wines, you will have the perfect combination for this season.

Discovering iconic cities

A warm weather always invites for a walk. Break you routine and walk through Portugal. There are incredible cities and towns to visit, and they are now calm and peaceful. Look for the street roasted chestnut vendors that dot the streets and follow the smoke coming out of their stands.

You can also go shopping, whether on the luxury brands or on small shops that you can find lost in the middle of narrow streets. And a lot of monuments and beautiful sites are calling for you.

A trip through Portugal

Talk with our expert team and experience the best winter getaway in Portugal!