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Easter Time: 10 Budget Suggestions in Portugal

Easter Time: 10 Budget Suggestions in Portugal

March 20, 2018

Easter is always a beautiful time to get away: sunny days are back, flowers are blooming and days become longer and warmer. And Portugal should be on your travel list. Discover our Top 10 Budget choices!

If you are wondering where to go for that long Easter weekend, how about a trip through the sunny and warm Portugal? This country can make your mid-season holidays a bit more special, combining the amazing landscapes, with the perfect climate and the most gorgeous food.

Are you convinced? So here are the best budget destinations and options which suit you, whether you’re looking for some days in the sun or a lovely city break in the city or countryside.

Strolling In Lisbon

Easter in Portugal is the perfect time for you to enjoy the sunny city of Lisbon and visiting this warm-heart city. Alfama district vibrates with life, and the ancient part of the city, Baixa, is full of activities. Typical shops, theatre, music and an urban architecture will amaze you.

Our best-seller Tour in Lisbon: Lisbon City Break (3 days).

Drinking Port Wine Near The Douro Valley

Another very on budget yet typical trip is visiting the Douro Valley. The vineyards sculpted in the valley are a vision of the other world but the journey is only beginning. You can taste typical dishes near the river or drink its famous wine. You’d also be able to enjoy a mini cruise through this famous river!

Our selection: Douro Charming (3 Days).

Visiting The Roman Alentejo

Alentejo is full of roman references. If you want a journey from the past Évora should be your first stop. The Diana’s Temple is one of the most well preserved roman heritages in Portugal. Furthermore, you’ll also see bridges and columns dated from the Roman Empire. Simply amazing!

Our option: Alentejo Day Tour.

Felling The Sunny Algarve

The sunny Algarve is perfect for a calm trip to Portugal. Start in Portimão and finish in Vila Real de Santo António. Its people, landscapes, cuisine and weather will dazzle you.

Our top choice: Southern Portugal Tour (4 Days).

Tasting A Volcanic Dish At Azores

Another very good way to enjoy your Easter is to visit Azores. Once in there, try Cozido das Furnas! A special and tasty dish cooked underground with the volcanic heat. Can you imagine that? How magical is that experience!

Our suggestion: Azores Islands: São Miguel Tour (7 Days).

Admire Castles And Fairytale Landscapes

Another cheap solution is to visit the Portuguese castles. From the North to the South you can find numerous medieval castles. For an astonish experience: Pena Palace, in Sintra, and Castle of São Jorge (St. George), in Lisbon, are a must-see. The great thing about these castles is the landscape. From Castelo de S. Jorge you can see the wonderful city of Lisbon, enjoying the moment, and at Pena Palace, a castle placed on the top of the mountain, you can admire an immense green forest.

Our travel idea: Obidos, Nazaré, Batalha and Fátima Private Tour (1 Day).

Enjoy The Nature At Madeira

Easter is perfect to see the first blooming flowers in Madeira. An island full of green and life, ideal for those who seek the beauty of nature at its best. Oh, and don’t forget to climb up to the various and amazing mountains. The blooming season at Madeira is just what the doctor ordered. A life changing experience.

The most typical experience: Madeira Island Tour (6 Days).

Take Your Photos At Sintra

Sintra has the most beautiful palace and gardens you’ll ever see. Straight from a fairytale. Imagine a forest full of green and mysterious gardens. You’ll find yourself inside a magic book.

Our awarded option: Sintra, Cascais and Estoril Tour.

Fall In Love With Porto

Porto is wonderful for a city break. A city where a river paints the banks and gives movement to Porto. The train station and the World of Discoveries (an interactive museum dedicate to the Portuguese History) are both interesting options but don’t forget to take a quick trip to the typical Bolhão market and to the University for a full soul trip.

The best travel experience: Porto City Break.

Visit Fátima For A Catholic Easter Experience

One Easter tradition in Portugal, as a majority catholic country, is to visit Fátima. A lot of Catholics from all over the world take a day or two to visit one of the most emblematic places of the modern Christianity. The aura behind it will make it a special moment of your life, even though you are not catholic. Just feel the atmosphere around and enjoy the tranquillity.

A lifetime journey: Religion and Traditions Tour (8 Days).