Places to De-Stress: 5 Unexpected Destinations Around Portugal.
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Places to De-Stress: 5 Unexpected Destinations Around Portugal

Places to De-Stress: 5 Unexpected Destinations Around Portugal

February 13, 2018

Are you feeling a continuous “Monday mood” every day? It means that you need to stop and rest. Why not take advantage of Winter in Europe and travel? Portugal may surprise you, with places to completely de-stress and recharge your positive energies!

Portugal is no longer a hidden secret in Europe, however this adorable country has some of the best places in the world that can provide the best holidays if you’re looking for something different and exotic. Take a look at the 5 unexpected destinations around Portugal we’ve chosen for you and prepare to be amazed.

Douro Valley: Land of Famous Wines

Oh, Douro, sweet Douro Valley! This blessed piece of land has a ton of incredible things to do and see. It’s pure Nature and charm in one single place and tourists have been loving it. The reason is very clear: it’s an unexpected but shiny place. Douro Valley has its little secrets waiting for you. You might want to try a fine glass of Port Wine while enjoying the most spectacular view you’ll ever see. It’s relaxing and breath-taking.

Make your journey even more interesting by checking our Charming Tour through the oldest demarcated wine region in the world, such as Peso da Régua, Lamego, Pinhão and Ucanha. These are absolutely places of finite fascination.

Madeira Island: the World’s Leading Island Destination

Our adorable island lost in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean is all about the good things and exotic experiences. Madeira might be a small island, but life here tastes so much sweeter and that is because of the traditional food with all its mouth-watering flavours. It’s pure richness in one single dish. Madeira has stunning landscapes that deserve to be seen by everyone who’s been looking for something new, fresh and unusual.

One of our hidden attractions in Portugal has become the most influential and visited island in the whole world. Stop imagining how amazing this might be and check our Tour through Madeira with many different and interesting things to do and see. We promise you no regrets. 

Azores Islands: The Nine Poetical Treasures

Another curious destination that you should be dreaming of: Azores Islands. One cannot compare the Azores to anything else because this island is made of pure dark green from the forests, sumptuous volcanoes, and glamorous fauna and flora. Similar to Madeira, let yourself enjoy the traditional dishes that can only be eaten here and this is absolutely an experience that you shouldn’t deny to yourself.

The Azores are our deep secret and everything here is highly preserved, which makes these islands a unique destination. Also exotic and attractive, we suggest you to start your adventure through this archipelago in the most famous island: São Miguel. Our Tour through São Miguel Island has the best typical experiences planned for you. Just allow yourself this little whim that feeds the soul and fulfils the heart.

Minho Region, the Immense Green of the Forests

The North deserves our total attention this time because it’s here where one can see the hidden attractions in Portugal. The surroundings of Braga, like Póvoa de Lanhoso or Gerês, are those perfect places that only a few foreigners know but both remain are in the hearts and minds of the Portuguese people. They’re full of striking landscapes and you may even think that the Gods did something here, but it’s only pure Nature.

Viana do Castelo is another city that belongs to the region of Minho that’s becoming stronger and its surrounding are its mysterious babies, like Arcos de Valdevez, Paredes de Coura and Ponte de Lima. These slightly off the beaten track destinations are all about Nature and they’re ideal for those who have been wanting to explore something different, something special.

Porto: the Emblematic 2nd Largest City in Portugal

Independent and great. These words describe the city with the most remarkable sceneries of the country, full of History and Culture. Porto might be an unexpected destination, but it’s certainly a marvellous place. Try to enjoy a glass of Port Wine while observing the sunset at the riverbanks of the famed Douro River with friends. Later take a walk through the charismatic streets and get into some of the most interesting spots, like Guarany café or Lello Bookshop.

One will definitely feel that architecture is what makes of Porto a very beautiful city and successful destination. Our incredible City Break through Porto  will help you discover these attractions and prepare yourself to be out of breath.

Your holidays can be different: you only need to choose the destination that most suits you. Obviously, there are plenty of unusual things to do in Portugal and these 5 destinations are only a brief example of what one can admire, thus make sure that Portugal is your next big travel plan!