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Time to Love: The Best Getaways in Portugal For Lovers

Time to Love: The Best Getaways in Portugal For Lovers

February 01, 2018

Are you looking for a place to take your special someone for a romantic getaway? These amazing places in Portugal will dwell in your memories forever. Just take a look!

Love is always a good reason for everything, isn’t it? And romantic Portugal has plenty of it! You just need to check our ideal destinations so that you feel exactly what this is all about. Grab your bag, your nice shoes, and your other half, because this trip is going to make you fall in love at first sight.

Porto and You: a Match Made in Heaven

Yes, it’s you and this hypnotizing city that surely has a lot to offer. Porto has always been a very beautiful city and you just need to take a look around to understand what makes Porto so spectacular. It’s walking in the streets, it’s drinking a hot coffee in Majestic, it’s talking to the people of Porto (portuenses), it’s the whole environment. Charming and blessing, this is the city that you’ve always been looking for. Apart from all this, Porto is becoming more culturally popular, offering a bunch of options for all tastes and all ages.

Young, fresh, adorable and mystical, make of Porto the right option for all those who really want to enjoy a romantic getaway in the perfect place. Try our Porto City Break, which is an ideal opportunity to get to know the best of the city in 3 days. This tour has everything planned: from a tour to the historic city centre with its ancient streets to a visit to the wine cellars.

Lisbon, the Apple of Your Eyes

The capital is just impressive, but here the idea of love tends to be more melancholic. Romantic and antique are two words that describe Lisbon. From a beautiful architecture to intense landscapes towards the river and the sea, the capital has always been the magical girl of Portugal. Fado, our folk music, has pure melancholy in its veins and you can take a walk in Alfama to understand how the fadista is feeling. It’s all about love, being loved and missing the other person or even something else.

Yes, love is taken to another level, and these ingredients make everything even more peculiar: fado, the old streets, the river and the sea, the pastry and the hot coffee in one’s hands. No matter what, Lisbon has charisma and it’s absolutely perfect for a Valentine’s day. Consider this loving alternative and check our 3-day Tour and discover why Lisbon is so well famed.

We All Have a Crush on Madeira Island

Oh, this archipelago is no longer a hidden secret. Flowery, traditional, enchanting, and tremendously gorgeous. The Madeira Island is a must-see for all the lovers in the world. Enjoy a romantic getaway to this wonderful place because it’s full of little surprises and it’s imperative to explore it. Funchal, Pico do Areeiro, Porto Moniz, and Curral das Freiras are some of the places to be visited since they all have different peculiarities and you may even say to yourself: such a small island with many and fantastic treasures.

Ok, imagine this picture: the deep blue of the sea, the colours of the diverse flowers, the green of the mountains, the comfortable hotels, the most delicious food, and an exotic destination, all in the same frame. Exactly, that’s Madeira at its best.  Dreamy and in love that’s how you’re going to feel during our 6-day tour here in Madeira, which was beautifully planned to show you the most interesting points and to allow you the best typical experiences.

Azores, With All Its Heart and Soul

Planning a radical but romantic voyage? The Azores has everything you need and more. Nature and a rich heritage will make of this a stunning trip with your other half, either as a more radical destination or as a relaxing and comfortable option. We suggest the most famous and the most romantic island for your first getaway in Portugal: São Miguel island. With our 7-day trip - more than a lucky number! - you will be able to explore this exotic land.

The itinerary includes a safari through São Miguel, which is something incredible, an adorable whale-watching tour, and even a taste of the ‘Cozido’, a famous volcano-cooked dish in Furnas. So, how unusual is this? But don’t think this is all, because the Azores has beautiful pousadas and hotels and they know how to perfectly combine Nature with wellness. Again, here there’s also a game of colours where uncommon flowers grow, where the deep blue of the ocean meets the vivid green of the mountains and the fresh grass. The Azores are intense and unique and they deserve to be seen and visited with all your heart.

With all these options your romantic getaways in Portugal will no longer be the same and it’s totally comprehensible if you feel you can’t only choose one, because love is all around us, isn’t it?