These Portuguese Islands Are the Up-and-Coming Destinations
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These Portuguese Islands Are the Up-and-Coming Destinations You Should Visit

These Portuguese Islands Are the Up-and-Coming Destinations You Should Visit

October 08, 2018

They are trendy, fresh and the next thing you want to visit. These Portuguese islands – Madeira and Azores - are a pure pleasure for our eyes and souls.

Everyone knows that spending time in Portugal is a fantastic idea. But probably you might also want to explore beyond the mainland. The country's collection of islands is more of an undiscovered gem. Between the archipelagos of Madeira and the Azores, we found impressive places to visit!

So keep reading this article to understand how plentiful they are…

Madeira Island

Right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean there is this special surprise of ours called Madeira. Formed by other seven surprising islands and two adorable islets.

Pico Ruivo

The highest point in Madeira is one of those experiences you want to have in your life. You can easily get there by taking a walking route that will also provide you fabulous landscapes and have the feeling of being close to the sky. Make sure you wear your most comfortable sneakers and clothes and enjoy the adventure.

Pico do Arieiro

The third highest peak in Madeira has got a breath-taking landscape where you can admire Nature at its best. Rent a car, take warm clothes, and your camera to take beautiful photos of the surrounding mountains and verdant views.


The incredible capital is another must-see. You might have the idea that Madeira is all about fauna and flora but Funchal is a modern city, very lively with an unbelievable historical centre. Take a minute to check our 6-day Tour around the island so that you can have an idea of how we do things (impressive, hun?).

Cabo Girão

Probably you have already seen some pictures of Madeira on the Internet and let me tell you that maybe they were taken in this astonishing place. This is where you take those photogenic pictures of the sea and the cliffs. Just outside this village you will be able to find Cabo Girão, a natural viewpoint with a celestial view.

Porto Moniz

A small village highly cherished by tourists due to its natural volcanic pools, a natural attraction for those seeking exotic places with a little enjoyment.


Formed by nine islands, the Azores is full of evergreen landscapes. We feel like Mother Nature has reserved for this island the best of what Nature can be.


The largest island of the Azores is also the place where you will find the highest mountain of Portugal. It is totally worth climbing to its top to enjoy a spectacular view.

Sete Cidades

On the west side of São Miguel there is this colourful place in Ponta Delgada. Often related to volcanic events, Sete Cidades is rich in green vegetation that makes a perfect match with the volcanic crater.

São Miguel

It’s fun, energetic and cool. Only good things come from São Miguel and we would like to suggest some very interesting activities to do here. For example, a stroll around the historical centre is full of galleries, bookshops, restaurants; the Graça Market is a sweet market that shows everyone how the people live there and it is also great if you are looking for exotic fruits; the Hell’s Mouth is another curious destination in São Miguel that will steal your heart with such stunning landscapes, and definitely Lagoa das Furnas, a place with evident signs of past volcanic events whose craters are now used by chefs to make the so special cozido (a stew made of vegetables and meat). Other interesting spots would be: Lagoa do Fogo, Miradouro do Escalvado, the Fallen House, and the blue china shop. If you would like to have a more spectacular perspective of all things you can do in São Miguel check our amazing 7-day Tour.

Angra do Heroísmo

Decorated by typical Portuguese houses, Angra is another dynamic city whose architecture takes us back to the 1700s.

Marina da Horta

On Faial Island, Marina da Horta is that where you will find people from all over the world sailing on their nice white boats or yachts.

Either Azores or Madeira, we can guarantee you will not regret a trip to one of these places. Travel to Portugal has become more and more famous and the islands are just the cherry on top of the cake. Holidays in Portugal are exciting, fun and memorable!