Portuguese Destinations That Should Be on your Travel Radar in 2018
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Portuguese Destinations That Should Be on your Travel Radar in 2018

Portuguese Destinations That Should Be on your Travel Radar in 2018

February 20, 2018

Wondering where to travel in 2018? We’ve a tip for you: Visit Portugal!

A small country yet full of cities and regions to explore! Here are the best destinations if you want to travel to Portugal and the reasons why should it be on your travel radar this year!

Lisbon, the Incredible Capital of Portugal

Lisbon is the new “in” destination. With a lot of celebs moving to the Portuguese capital, Lisbon gained a new life. Tourism keeps blossoming every year but the city keeps being a semi-popular and a away from crowds destination.

If you want to enjoy a sunny trip full of wonders as tiny steep streets, castles, ancient walls, stunning bridges and a modern city, Lisbon is a must-see. Alfama, Chiado and Parque das Nações are mandatory! Enjoy the perks of visiting an ancient but modern city. You’ll be astonished!

And of you want to explore Lisbon in its full potential, you can try our best-seller city break “The Best of Lisbon”, with private guide and the most astonishing visits.

Oporto, the Emblematic City of the Port Wine and the Douro River

While visiting Portugal keep in mind you’ve to go to Oporto. Oporto is a city, up in the North, full of life. If you’re looking for that vibrant life, just go for a walk through the Ribeira riverbanks, take a boat trip through the bridges of the Douro River and enjoy the typical and modern atmosphere.

If you’re a fan of architecture Oporto will amaze you in every way: Cathedrals, dazzling cafes, churches and towers! Talking about it, it’s absolutely compulsory to visit Lello Bookshop! A Neo-Gothic bookshop that inspired J.K Rowling to write Harry Potter. A famous and incredible building!

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Douro Valley, the Oldest Demarcated Wine Region in the World

Travel to Portugal? Do you want to enjoy wine and good food? Douro Region is your best bet. With a romantic landscape of vineyards and a sapphire-blue river, Douro Region will mesmerize anyone.

There’re special places where you can eat and taste the special wine of the region. If you want you can also enjoy a cruise in the Douro River, which will stick with you forever. For a different experience try to go in the Autumn when the leaves of the vineyards are orange and reddish.

Madeira Island, the “Pearl of the Atlantic”

Madeira is well-known for the New Year’s fireworks and flower festival. Full of museums, festivals and landscapes from other world, Madeira is a gem to visit! If you’re looking for a nature trip, you’ve found your island. Nevertheless, take a few hours to visit Old Town and Farmer’s Market where the never-seen trip will really begin!

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Azores Islands, Nine Poetical Islands Lost in the Middle of the Atlantic

You’ve to visit Azores in 2018! Have you ever seen a two-colour lagoon? Or a Pineapple plantation? Or have you ever been whale watching? Welcome to Azores where you can do it all and more! 

Azores, besides its gorgeous nature and its food, it is also a unique experience. Once there try “Cozido das Furnas”, which is a typical dish cooked with the heat from the volcano activity.  Try also the cheese and the seafood, you really won’t regret it!

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