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Wine Tourism in Portugal

Wine Tourism in Portugal

October 28, 2013

Portugal's Wine industry is booming! Take your chance to discover the extraordinary Wines of Portugal with us!

Portugal’s tourism industry is booming due to its unique atmosphere, astonishing landscapes and wealthy cultural heritage of Portugal, but since a couple of years, many visitors tend to pass their holiday in Portugal while discovering the country’s rich history of wine cultivation. Ever since Wine Tourism in Portugal began to grow.

Portugal has lots of different Wine Regions & Wines, all celebrating their own unique personality & taste. Portugal even has two Wine Regions, classified as UNESCO World Heritage, namely the ‘Pico Island Wine Region’ (Azores) & the Douro Valley Wine Region. This last region is one of the most renowned in the country and beyond. 

Along the Douro River banks, you will find the most unique landscapes that Portugal has to offer. Exploring this region and taste its wonderful wines is a must-do for everyone visiting Portugal.

With ecoTours Portugal you can now discover the Douro Valley and/or other Wine Regions. We have different thematic tours celebrating Portugal’s tasteful wines:

  • Portugal Wine Tour (8 Days, Private Tour): a tour through the secrets of Portugal’s most delicious wines
  • Douro & Port Wine Tour (6 Days, Private Tour): an exploration of the Douro Valley, world’s 7th best sustainable tourism destination
  • Douro Valley Private Tour: full day visit of the best sights of the Douro Valley

ecoTours Portugal is your best choice for Wine Tourism in Portugal. As recognition of our services we were awarded with the ‘Best of Wine Tourism’ prize in March 2009.